Unrelenting Propaganda and Politics

All my life I have been told what is good for me. The British newspapers and news outlets love those stories and print them all of the time. Of course, back in the early days of my life, I like everyone else, believed them. I switched from yummy butter to rather sloppy and disgusting margarine, I welcomed flourine in my water and my toothpaste and so on…. but not any more. It is without doubt all propaganda and lies.

Just yesterday, I read how Margarine is bad for you and we should eat butter. A total reversal of position. These days, the shrillness of the global warming story just about pips the shock horror stories of an endless ice age of twenty years ago. Truth – if there is any such thing is difficult if not totally impossible to establish. The human sheep react to these stories and move around as desired don’t they?

As an aside, what many people do not seem to understand is that science was politicised long ago. It’s all about the money you see. People need funding for their research. Science is corrupted by money and by politics. The research is bought and paid for and the peer review process has always been corrupt – just read the historical accounts of great scientific ‘debates’. Once a group of humans decide things are the way they are they will force everyone to think that way or suffer – it appears to be the nature of humans.

Back in the day, we all naively took on board what we were told by ‘experts’ not realizing that the so called experts were biased by money or politics or both. It is worse today than ever before. I don’t know what the answer is except perhaps to use the brain’s we all possess a little more than we do and question, question, question.

Politics envelopes everything. I read an article yesterday about alchemy and politics…. is nothing sacred? Why bring politics into magic where quite plainly it does not belong?

I despise politics. I despise¬†politicians but more than that, I am troubled by how people behave like sheep and follow biased propaganda as if it really were honest advice. If its on the news, springs from the lips of a politician,¬†involves statistical ‘proof’, or some UN body is involved then its almost certainly fictionalized and propaganda to boot. I think what we need to do is to start rejecting these sources en mass and see how that goes?



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