To be a Fool

If I were God I think I would be devastated by the acts of humanity.

But maybe thats the wrong way to think about things?

Maybe I would look upon my creation with a parents’ love and understanding and perhaps I would see the good things rather than the bad? Perhaps I would chose to look upon the little acts of kindness, the attempts to understand another’s point of view and the innocence and wonderful imagination of children and marvel that such kindness, such beauty could exist at all.

Perhaps I would puzzle over why people seem so deeply burdened when in fact they have life, choice and freedom of expression. Perhaps I would understand that sometimes it is difficult to see the light in the darkness if you have never been shown what the light actually looks like. Do most people really live in darkness?

In many meditations over the years, the Fool was often something that came to mind. When we think of the Fool, we tend to think of someone foolish – stupid and I suppose few of us would aspire to be foolish or stupid. However, the Fool is innocent, wide-eyed, curious having no preconceived conceptions about anything. The Fool is joyful dancing, humming and singing silly songs as he makes his way through life. Having no preconceptions means also that the Fool does what seems to be natural without worrying about what others might think, he goes places where others might fear to tread for he does not know nor understand fear as an emotion. The Fool looks foolishly at everything seeing what is really there without some preconceived notion of what to expect. The Fool sees what is really there.

Perhaps God is a Fool too rejoicing in diversity and seeing the good, the beauty and the truth even in the darkest of hearts?

Given the state of the world – let’s hope so.

Tempter Fool by Albrecht Durer.

Tempter Fool by Albrecht Durer.

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