In the interview with Rob McConnell on X Zone radio, the concept of ripples came up several times to explain how we impact upon one another. It made me think of this post from Asetroth’s Domain I wrote a little while ago. Asteroth’s Domain is my blog that is more focused on magic – please do visit it.

In meditation, I often see ripples in a pool. They start at a point and move outwards as small waves. If the small wave meets an object, an interference pattern occurs.

Thoughts are like ripples. They start with a focus. Something triggers that focus but then, if we are able to, the thought expands like a ripple moving ever outwards into the world having who knows what impacts out there. Words, words are sounds and sounds are waves too so when we speak, ripples move out from ourselves and those words can impact – not just those who hear them – but everything those sound ripples touch. Who knows what interference patterns result from our thoughts and words.

Those wave forms or ripples that we all create oscillate all around. Perhaps the smallest thought or word starts a ripple that becomes a tidal wave of change.


Silence. We are often instructed to be silent. And, if you think about it, with good reason for if our thoughts and words create ripples through the substratum of reality then when we think or speak in anger – what effect does that have? Speech is a gift that we so often misuse and abuse. God help us if we could hear thoughts!

Think about it and contemplate what effect your ripples are having on reality?

Thanks to a student for raising this topic and providing me with an opportunity to gain these insights.

From Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul
“When you enter the pool, the surface is absolutely calm but your body movement causes ripples and activities on the surface. The more you thrash around the more the waves and ripples grow in intensity and knock you off track. The more you fight the more ripples and waves and the harder it gets. Go with the flow, align yourself with the will of the Creator and minimise the waves.
Diary Extract.”

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