Independence Weekend Giveaway!

July 4th is Independence Day for some and to celebrate that fact I have set up my book Astral Messages as a FREE Kindle book for 5-days over that weekend. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Astral Messages on Kindle this coming weekend.

Astral Messages Cover

Astral Messages uses poems and blog articles from my long standing blog – Asteroth’s Domain – in a discussion of reality and magic. We are all magicians willfully creating our realities and this selection demonstrates how this touches all aspects of our lives – yes, even our socks!

There is a depth and openness to beauty in the poetry, a realisation of the multi-levelled nature of reality and perception in the prose… and already it shadows the thread of magic woven through this little book. Every page gives food for thought and further reflection. Yet this is not a manufactured collection, these are thoughts that have arisen and been written as a response to a moment in time, a mood, a whisper of inspiration… and they show the man behind the words for any who take time to look.
Sue Vincent, author of The Initiate and other books.

Here’s an interesting idea, to juxtapose prose reflections with poems. Of the latter, `A Dream’ and `Life’s Tapestry’ are gems of composition. What is very endearing is the honesty of the writer. In a gesture of great affection he dedicates the book to his father. Gary is not afraid to reveal his fears, loves and his puzzlement about the world.The author despairs of the current evil of `dumbing down’ and the embracing of received opinion. For this sensitive and perceptive artist, ignorance is most certainly not regarded as bliss.
Gordon Strong, author of Merlin Master of Magick and other books.

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