Moon Whispers – Another Collection Coming Soon….

In the last few days I have pulled together a bunch of recent poems to be published as Moon Whispers – A New Collection. I am working on the MS, working my way through the BookSurge process and have asked a few other writers to review for back cover-type reviews (In this I have asked some of my Roundfire Books authors to help out and some have kindly agreed. The volume will contain over 30 new poems including Moon Whispers and will be available in paperback and Kindle format in a few weeks. The prior three poetry collections are as follows;

Weird Tales: Otherworld Poetry (Createspace, 2006) – a collection of 31 poems some of which were written 40-years ago!
Poems for the Little Room (Lulu, 2012 and Booksurge, 2014)- a collection of 15 poems combined with photos originally published via LuLu in 2012 but now repackaged and republished on Booksurge in 2014 to get the cost down.
Astral Messages: The Poems and Thoughts of a Troubled Mind (Booksurge, 2013) – A collection of 16 poems combined with short articles that supplement the poems.

All three prior collections are available on Amazon sites in paperback and Kindle formats.

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