Mistaken Priorities

People I just cannot get
Would rather save an ant
Than one of their own
Rather protect a plant
Than help the homeless
Worrying about the issues
They know nothing about
And not seeing the little things
That would really count
Happily labeling themselves
Left, right, or by nation
Or yet, worse still,
By their religion
Man made rules to kill
For a man made God
Hustling, bustling, striving
To outdo one another, while
Following their dubious heroes
Emulating their style
What a fucking joke
Conspiracy and doom
Echoes of their self-created hell
Selling their sordid stories
Even when there’s nothing to tell
They feed off each other
Born again idiots spouting hate
Confidently assessing their own salvation
If that’s your ‘heaven’
I hope you go there as one nation
But without me
There is only one thing to guide you
And that is something called love
Measure yourself against that
Know it doesn’t come from above
But from within you
In love there is no jealous God
There is no nation above another
No person better than the other
Nothing more important than your brother
In love, no one need ever suffer


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