The Mighty IPCC Speaks….. We Are Doomed!

The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a UN body dedicated to convincing us all that man-made CO2 is behind climate change. I have little time for these bozos quite frankly as it is a fact that climate changes throughout geological time and it does so magnificently without any help from us. Furthermore, any organisation that tries to convince us Earth loving folk that CO2 is a pollutant rightly deserves the very best of our condemnation. How dare anyone or any body tell us that CO2 – the life sustaining gas that drives this planet – is a bloody pollutant!!!???? Any less of the stuff and we may all die as I can tell you as a Ph.D. Geologist that current CO2 levels are about the LOWEST they have ever been in geological history. This time, the IPCC have outdone themselves by issuing a report that warns of dire consequences but nothing actually specific so that we can’t all come back in a year or so and ask why their predictions (yet again) didn’t actually come true. In doing this, they actually alienated one of their own – the chief author of the Economics Impact chapter – who has asked to have his name removed from the report’s summary because it is too ‘alarmist’ (please not that many, many scientists who have had their names attached to these IPCC reports have asked the same but not gotten very far!). Here is what Professor Tol had to say….

According to Monday’s report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a further warming of 2C could cause losses equivalent to 0.2-2 per cent of world gross domestic product. On current trends, that level of warming would happen some time in the second half of the 21st century. In other words, half a century of climate change is about as bad as losing one year of economic growth. Since the start of the crisis in the Eurozone, the income of the average Greek has fallen more than 20 per cent. Climate change is not, then, the biggest problem facing humankind. It is not even its biggest environmental problem. The World Health Organisation estimates that about 7m people are now dying each year as a result of air pollution. Even on the most pessimistic estimates, climate change is not expected to cause loss of life on that scale for another 100 years.

Well said Prof. Toll.

Its time to tell these eco-terrorists what we think of them and their silly, irrelevant computer models and their selected temperatures and selective science….. F**k off!

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