An Experiment

I have blogged for years – actually since about 2004 – always using my own hosted custom site. I originally started out using Drupal but about 3-years ago or so, I switched to WordPress. Now I am experimenting with something equally dramatic….. moving from my own hosted custom site to a blog hosted on

I have always avoided as it stops you from running any advertising. The truth is, I have made about $300 in those ten years blogging from ads maximum and so I have come to the conclusion it simply doesn’t work. Still, I write books and I use amazon ads for my books and that won’t fly here….. There are ways around that issue however which is to direct people interested in buying my books to my book review site – strange book reviews – a site I and a friend own and host and where I can still get a commission…..please do buy your occult books there and do buy mine there… royalties are small so an extra bit on top in the way of an Amazon commission is nice.

What brings me here is community. I am hoping there will be more interaction with other bloggers and more readers of this blog. We will see. I will preserve my existing blog for a while and may switch back. But, for now, lets see how it goes.


One real drawback is that all my google links now lead to the old site….. and when that goes away, to a black hole….

Ah well….

What do you all think? Comments please as I seek to see if this is a good idea.

I will also eventually bring over the url and get rid of the bit…. but only after I am sure this is the right way to go.

2 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. Worth a try, Gary.
    Certainly easier for those of us already here to follow you. See you have already set up the Publicize function, too – makes it really simple to post to your Twitter, FB, Google, etc sites when you post anything here.
    Haven’t offered a vote – I have no idea… just know that I’ve amassed an unexpected number of followers and if it was numbers I was looking for, I’d be pretty pleased… 🙂
    Good luck!

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