It’s Not Xmas Without Scrooge….

Last night we watched A Christmas Carol – the Jim Carey version which is quite good. The Christmas Carol is a wonderful story and without it I just don’t feel like its Xmas to be honest. A dose of Tiny Tim is just what is needed to remind you to enjoy life. My favorite version of the story as a movie is the Alistair Sim’s version – to me, this is the classic Scrooge and Jim Carey’s version seems to follow it quite a bit.

I wonder what chains I have made for myself and how long and heavy they already are? Is joy of life and living the recipe for loosing those chains?


It always reminds me of the Devil card in the tarot (Waite version). In the Mystical Hexagram, I wrote the following about the Devil tarot…

The Devil tarot card is representative of the internal nature of Man in disarray. It shows how the conscious and the subconscious aspects of Man, depicted as the Man and Woman on the card, are no longer communicating, no longer connected in a meaningful and proper manner. The Man and the Woman can be seen as two polar opposites or qualities such as Fire and Water, Sun and Moon, or Spirit and Soul, higher self and lower self. Connection with the Higher Self has also been lost and, without this element of divine inner guidance, ‘Man’ appears to be chained to the outer world of ‘reality’; chained to that outer world of illusion and the material. We use the word ‘appears’ because this too is only an illusion aptly demonstrated by the fact the chains of bondage depicted in the tarot card are loose and do not actually bind but simply appear to. The Man, or the conscious self, looks outward into a world of his own illusion, his own creation, but He is not in control of that creation, rather, IT controls him.

It’s actually rather an apt analogy for the story of Scrooge I think……

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