Before It Was Never the News (Or Ever Will Be)

You know, I write about things as I see them in my blogs and books. I don’t think I am a great writer but I confess to liking to write and so I do. Occasionally, I get on my high horse and have a rant about something that bothers me and I do try to be controversial from time-to-time in the hope that I find a new audience or two. I have a few folks tracking the blog and the books sell a few hundred copies over the space of a few years. I wish it were different but I am clueless as to how to build an audience beyond simply writing and hoping. I had hoped that The Last Observer would be the one that would find a broader audience but I begin to despair there as well….. fingers still crossed but more loosely than in the past.

So where am I going other than feeling a tad sorry for myself? Well, to be honest, I don’t quite understand how, writing about reality and things that are real and everyday, I can barely find an audience while writers who make up the most ludicrous, banale and idiotic nonsense enjoy huge audiences. I kid you not. There is a site called before it’s news. I occasionally post some blog articles there to drive a bit of traffic. On average, my articles get 40-80 reads. Meanwhile, one lady who delivers a constant stream of ‘The end is nigh’ stories based on absolute nonsense enjoys a readership in the tens of thousands!


Here are some sample stories and their reads;

– Update! Proof ISON Survived & WTF Is That Giant Thing Following Behind It? (Video) – 21,188
– Swarm Of Space Bodies Following Comet ISON And The Ongoing NASA Cover-Up (Video) – 5,014
– Where Are Obama’s Daughters’ Baby Pics & Birth Records? – 17,307
– CBC: Something Very Odd Is Happening In The Pacific (Video) – 29,078

These ‘stories’ are without substance, without logic and, my guess is, totally made up fabrications in about 99% of cases. What’s even more baffling to me is that even though story after story by a particular author is almost immediately shown to be a fabrication simply as a result of the passage of time (and the predication not coming true), the very next OMG the World is Ending story by the same author is devoured by thousands as well.

You know, I just don’t understand it. Is this sort of stuff the new fiction then? I guess it must be. BTW – if you think I don’t have much writing talent, check out some of these stories. Whoever wrote them obviously has trouble stringing words together coherently!


So, expect more nonsense, tripe and crap from me from now on as I search out the formula for writing success because it plainly isn’t telling a good story or writing a useful article that grabs attention and readers these days!

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