Computerized Democracy

The US Government has shut down – ran out of money. Do we think anyone will actually notice?

I’m being facetious of course but I am so sick of US politics. Apologies to friends and family who have strong feelings but the Republicans and the Democrats are bankrupt of ideas and have simply managed to create such an ideological gulf between their respective supporters as to make civil unrest a distinct possibility. Unfortunately, this bankruptcy of ideas isn’t just an American phenomenon but affects the entire western world.

So here is my proposal for a new system…… I dreamed it up when I was a kid but it might have some merit to it.

Since a census is taken every decade, we have a description of each nation. We know what the average Brit or American is in terms of sex, age, religion, status and so on and we have the data to know how the country is made up or broken out by these demographics. So, let’s get a computer and fill it full of everyone’s details and then have it pull 525 names out the hat in roughly the same proportions as the last census and have them serve instead of the current batch of liars – er, politicians.


I would add a few details such as:-

1. Anyone can opt out
2. You may only serve once or up to three times if put in a ministerial position
3. You may not have any interest in politics
4. You may not have a criminal record
5. You must be paying taxes to be considered
6. Your current employer must reserve your job.

Now, I would have half the members elected every three years and a total length of service of six in total.

Could it possibly be any worse than having a bunch of career egocentric liars in power?

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