Astral Messages Reviewed

Sue Vincent has kindly written a review of astral Messages on the site. It reads like this – Thanks Sue!

Writers can be mysterious creatures, their personal presence and character divined only vaguely and often erroneously through their work. The phenomenon of blogging has opened a portal into their lives and allows readers to catch a glimpse of the person behind the persona.

In Astral Messages Gary Vasey has collated a selection of posts from his blog, Asteroth’s Domain. These posts, written over a number of years, allow the reader to see into the mind and heart of the man. This vision is expanded by marrying each of the posts with a poem. On the surface that may not seem of much importance, but read side by side this opens a whole new level of perception.

You have only to read the first pairing in the Amazon preview of the book to see this in action. There is a depth and openness to beauty in the poetry, a realisation of the multi-levelled nature of reality and perception in the prose… and already it shadows the thread of magic woven through this little book.

Every page gives food for thought and further reflection. Yet this is not a manufactured collection, these are thoughts that have arisen and been written as a response to a moment in time, a mood, a whisper of inspiration… and they show the man behind the words for any who take time to look.

A thoughtful, thought provoking little book. Highly recommended.

also available of Kindle….

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