The Secret Anti-Aging Formula…

There is a surreal feel about getting older. Inside, we tend to think of ourselves in a state of eternal youth. I guess for me that would be an age of say 25. From my thinking perspective, I feel no different than when I was in my mid-twenties. But then you catch a glimpse in the mirror or you see a photograph and there it is…. wrinkles, gray hair, paunch, double chin. Sad isn’t it?

How people approach aging is also interesting. For some, any visible sign of aging is to be avoided. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, plastic surgery, injections of growth hormone, whatever it takes to fool mostly themselves into believing that they do not age. Billions upon countless billions spent pursuing eternal youth. The vast majority of us though age ourselves prematurely smoking, over eating, lack of exercise and a stressful existence.

Last weekend, I had a chance to visit Scarboro on the east coast of England. Interestingly, I had been to Liverpool that week as well. In both locations I was simply amazed and a little horrified at what I saw. Prematurely aged people, often obese, walking around looking miserable. In particular the younger folk, even children, massively overweight. What sort of a life will these young folk lead if by 16 they are in such a state and at what cost to the health system?


I’m sure that diet is the biggest part of it. Growing up I ate everything and anything I could lay my hands on. Being not so wealthy, it was often sandwiches made with white bread. Talk about processed food full of sugar? I remained thin. So what is it? Is there something in the diet these days that is bloating people or is it lack of activity or both? I don’t know the answer.


What I do know is that harmony seems to be the missing thing. Balance. Society is out of balance.

In magic, we seek inner harmony and peace. We seeks to balance the inner forces. We look inward for strength and for stability. We can also use a technique or two to stay looking younger as well but I think there is something about magical practice that needs to have broader understanding. I’m not perfect at it myself – not even good. I fall out of practice all of the time but I can withdraw and meditate. I can feel the center of myself and rest at peace reducing anxiety and stress. I can magically charge water with skin restorative properties and bathe my face in it. It costs nothing but a little concentration. It’s a secret anti-aging formula that anyone can perform for free.

But the forces that be are against this. Imagine if everyone stopped spending those billions on cosmetics or indeed on cigarettes? That wouldn’t do at all now would it?

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