One of Those Days!

I know its not me that sometimes has one of those days but I do wonder if what constitutes one of those days for me is the same as others? For me, such days usually start poorly. I won’t have slept well or I woke up early or I didn’t want to get up. It seems to slide from there….

Today for example, my internet is playing up. Everything is slow as a result and I keep having to go and reset the router. I have a few people I really need to follow up with but none of them are answering the phone, email or Skype…. But most frustrating isn’t whats going on out there but inside of me. You see I can’t seem to do anything. I don’t seem able to figure out where to start and so I don’t. If I do start, I meet an issue and have to stop anyway. After a while, I actually don’t want to do anything and would rather aimlessly surf the net. Problem is, I have a lot I want to do but today I seem incapable of starting any of them. Are you also like this or is it just me?


Maybe its the weather. Yesterday it was unbearably hot and then we had ferocious storms over night and today its breezy and looks like more storms….

Oh well…. its almost the weekend.

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