My Best Selling Book

I think people outside of the book publishing and writing business have little clue as to how it really works. I am going to tell you all what my best selling book is…. (drum roll)…..

Here it is….


Yes – it’s one of my business books. It has sold to date some 905 copies. Patrick and I are very pleased with its sales and the fact that it continues to sell every month.

My second best selling book is it’s companion – Trends in ETRM Software: A Primer with 670 sales and still selling.

Not far behind is Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul from Thoth.

I have a target for my new book – The Last Observer. It’s a real stretch. I’d like it to sell 3000 copies.

The fact is that very few books sell more than a few hundred copies. Those that do belong to a select group of writers who make all the money – Stephen King, Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling. The rest of us do it for love and maybe some remote dream that we make a break through into the big time (but that’s not likely to happen writing about software or the esoteric – so I do it for love).

If I took any of my books and thought about the hours of work and toil and then my revenues from that book I dread to think what the hourly rate would look like. Well below minimum wage! Writers are poorly paid in general and that’s a fact.

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