Back in Sales Mode!

I recently swapped the security of a quite fat monthly paycheck for the lifestyle of a business owner and entrepreneur. I partnered up with my long time buddy and business associate, Patrick Reames, who is based in Houston, TX in Commodity Technology Advisory. For the time being, I am working out of the spare room at home after all, all I need is a PC, phone and internet connection. I could, in fact, be located anywhere……..(there’s a thought!).

Working for yourself is great fun. You can be creative, pick your own hours, choose who to work with and what to do. The problem is that you have to generate cash too. That’s the tricky part. I have always been quite good at sales. If anything, I tend to oversell. Given time, we will do fine. The problem is that, when you first start out, you don’t have so much time. There are bills to be paid and so that reserve of cash gets frittered away surprisingly fast. Crunch time is coming and guess what, there is no back up plan! Sink or swim. It’s usually when I realize this that I get that sinking feeling in my stomach and start meditating on business success. I replaced one type of stress for another.


On the other hand, there is an element of fun in taking on this risk. It’s a challenge. Can I be successful? My track record here is 100% and 100% yes so let’s hope it stays that way. Meanwhile, I need to go back to dialing for dollars…..

See ya later!

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