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St. Germain and Bardon

Anyone who has read Frabato the Magician will be aware of the claim that Franz Bardon was the reincarnation of St. Germain, as well as a lot of other things about Bardon that one’s initial reaction is to discount as the over zealousness of his followers. But, I have been in a vein of thought and meditation for some time now about all of this and I do believe that there is a connection between Bardon and St. Germain. One only has to read Comte de Gabalis (most likely the Comte is St. Germain) and compare with Bardon’s material to start to suspect at least a common point of origin. What is also intriguing is the lack of any real details around either man. Indeed, their lives have a sort

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The Contrast

Just recently I have been reading a couple of books – A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bryan Bryson and The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawkings. Book books are interesting and well written but it is the absence (even denial) that anything more than complete chance is responsible for Everything that struck me in both books. Hawkings even mocks the idea that one would need anything to explain anything except chance. I was reading both books as I just wanted to get to grips with Quantum Physics for myself to separate out truth from fiction. What I was left with however was a feeling that these two gentlemen ought to read some esoteric literature. They may discover that much of what they prattle on about has been known

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