Dead Birds, Fish & WikiLeaks – Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened.

All the stories recently about dead birds and fish seem to suit those who believe that the “Rapture” is to take place this coming May (and end of the worldists too). I want to comment with a different view.

Actually, if you Google on this stuff it happens quite often for a variety of usually quite natural and normal reasons. CNN picked up the initial story and predictably interested people started tying in other events around the globe. Its like the CNN article provoked a massive (and predictable) interest in so called signs of the end of things. Well – you find what you look for and, in common with other conspiracy theories, you can really start to convince yourself something strange is happening. I have a theory that CNN did this either because they have someone there who WANTS the end of the world or maliciously knew what would then happen.

People, TRUTH. Seek the TRUTH. It is there if you step back and look at things without having your thinking distorted by the media, religion etc. The truth is that nothing special is happening other than a number of events that previously would have gone unnoticed are now brought into sharp focus. If you want the end of the world then allow your mind to be hijacked by CNN and other fear mongorers and imagine it so. Read into all of these morsels of news whatever you wish. But the fact is you can think for yourself. So do so. Do your research …. nothing unusual is happening here NOTHING.

It’s so like that other myth that man made CO2 is responsible for global warming…. Think people – Think. Read, learn and understand how statistics can be manipulated to make you think you see a trend that isn’t there. And then use your brains – how could it be that a few parts per MILLION of CO2 could possible make any difference at all. Understand how human society works. How the MAJORITY of scientists who know this to be a myth of giant political proportions and yet another fear for us all to consume are stopped from publishing, stopped from obtaining public research money and have their personal reputations questioned. It has always been this way – those who seek TRUTH are despised and hated by those that LIE.

Instead of believing in all of this stuff. Open your minds and think. Visualize something different. Its all nonsense designed to keep us trapped in this world they have created.

Wikileaks has opened a small crack that exposes how the powerful operate. It may well prove to be a Pandora’s Box. Look at the reactions to Wikileaks…. look how the powerful elite react when exposed for what they are…. threats to have people killed, prosecuted, talk about ‘terrorism’ and more. Caught in their lies they act true to form.

I have gone off a bit here but I can’t believe that people who know or glimpse at what reality is, magicians as we call ourselves, can be drawn in to this fiction. These lies upon lies presented to confuse and create fear for the masses. Wake up. This is your Inner Reality!


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