Thoughts On The Nature Of Reality

Reality. What is it? Rosicrucians talk of both reality and actuality. Reality is essentially what you perceive of the actuality.

There is an actuality but what it is most likely cannot be known – not now anyway. Reality is an illusion. A self made illusion. Time is a reality and an illusion. It is simply a construct of the mind that is required by Universal Mind Law to allow for movement and experience.

Reality – your reality – is created via imagination and your belief system. Your culture, upbringing, beliefs and yes- the rules you live life by – all go into creating your reality. But that reality is an illusion – a wakeful dream. It is not actuality.

All of us fall into the trap of believing into reality. We all then work magic as this is the basis of magic. Creating into reality via belief and imagination. Belief may be termed also faith. Faith does move mountains – it can because it creates reality.

The difference between a magician and a non-magician should be simply this. The former understands this and makes conscious efforts to create a better reality. A non-magician simply goes with the flow – takes inputs without question and creates a reality that is based on non-conscious direction. A true magician goes a step further and through interaction withe the source of All, he/she creates the Creators reality.

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