Exactly What Reality Are We Creating?

Regular visitors will know that I believe that we create our own reality so today I want to ask you – what reality are we all creating?

The Power of Thought
Your thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts create. Some would argue that thoughts create in what is often termed as the ‘astral plane’ – which is a sort of substratum on which the physical world around us is based. If this is true then what do you think about? What sort of astral world are you creating?

As I have said in previous posts, the world around us helps govern our thoughts. Watch the news, read a newspaper – its all doom and gloom. Stories of war, famine, violence, global warming and terrorism – to name a few things. We can’t help but ponder on these things, think about them – even worry about them. And in doing so I ask that question again. What kind of reality are we creating?

The Need To Meditate
We all need to take time out and become silent. We should in that silence of meditation ponder on what we think about and why. Do we dream great things for ourselves and the world or do we sink into fear? Take that time and after meditating on what you think about and how you are influenced by fear mongerers, start to try to build a different vision. Try to visualize a different world, a different you. Fill that world with light and see yourself being happy, carefree and having an abundance of gifts.

I truly believe that if more people meditated on the positives in life two things would occur. First, we would create a better world for ourselves and second, we would gradually escape from the clutches of fear. We would learn to actually live and reach our potential as humans and ‘block’ out all those negative influences.

What Kind of Reality Are You Creating?
So I leave you with that question I started with. Think about it, reflect upon it and meditate on it.

I would love to hear your views on this post and any experiences that you have as a result of it. Do post comments.

One thought on “Exactly What Reality Are We Creating?

  1. Just come across your blogsite (Is that the correct term?)
    I find what you have to say very interesting. About creating our own world – I do believe it to be true. We seemed to be conditioned into it and it is extremely difficult to break free of it.

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