Relationships As A Mirror To Your Soul

What you see in someone else is often a projection of yourself and it can be self-revealing to examine your relationships periodically. This is particularly so in relationships with the opposite sex for in those relationships there is something revealed about your own inner polarity too. All souls have receptive female aspects and active male aspects and these are reflected in the anima/animus concept. I have found through periodic reflection that my anima or inner female is very active often pointing the way or waking me up to possibilities and experiences that perhaps otherwise I would miss. In fact, should I forget to meditate or find I am seemingly unable to find the time then there she is in my dreams again!


Rarely, we can meet someone of the opposite sex who inflames our soul. I am not talking about necessarily a sexual relationship here, but one in which magnetic energy flows freely and, in which the pair unwittingly become almost reflections of the archetypal male and female. Indeed, in such a relationship, part of the ability to maintain the energy levels for magical effect is perhaps in not allowing that energy to run to earth through natural means.

In Dion Fortune’s excellent novel, The Sea Priestess, a similar sort of relationship is explored. In that book, Fortune says “People think that sex is physical and that love is emotional, and they don’t realize that there is something else between a man and a woman which is magnetic in just the same way as a compass turns to the pole; but it is something that passes through them and uses them, and yet it belongs to nature.” She goes on to describe the effects of this magnetic relationship described in the book as “It is the thing that has kept me young, Wilfred, when I ought to be an old, old woman, and it is the thing that is making you, who used to be mother’s boy, as quarrelsome as a cock on a midden.” The pair end up conducting a ritual that has a powerful impact on Wilfred’s future life and relationships while Le Fay Morgan disappears to show up in another novel “Moon Magic” to similar effect.

But what is it that can create this special magnetic bond between two people? And, how do we find that type of relationship?

Perhaps, at the end of the day it has to be willfully created through the complex interplay of inner work resulting in an inner relationship that can be reflected outwardly. However, occasionally, through some karmic connection perhaps, this other person can suddenly appear in one’s life. Perhaps because the inner is seeking it, and has already called out its desire to divine providence to be answered in the affirmative, if the self is ready. It could be as simple and yet as complex as meeting someone on a plane trip or eyes that meet across a crowded street. The magnetism is detected and acted upon. The magnetism may be so great as it simply cannot be ignored. Perhaps this is where the concept of soul mate really originates?

When such a relationship is discovered, each can see in the other a reflection of themselves. The connection can be so strong that they can experience a mental connection and more. Is this the type of relationship that Fortune’s Sea Priestess story alludes to? Is this the purpose behind the ritual conducted by poor Wilfred and the ageless Le Fay Morgan, Priestess of Isis?

To some extent we see an example of the inner and the outer acting in harmony or microcosm and macrocosm here. Is it the achievement of harmony in the inner polar relationship, the active and receptive components of the soul, that creates the opportunity for an interpersonal relation externally or is it that the dynamics of that inner relationship has reached a point where the externalization can push the inner relationship into greater harmony? I think it is the latter since the impact of the external relationship is so dynamic and vibrant, has such an impact on the lives and other relationships of the two people involved, that the soul cannot do anything other than rise up in sheer delight, recognizing and adjusting its own inner polarity closer to perfection.

Whichever it may be, it is pure magic and as Dion Fortune says through her character Le Fay Morgan in describing to Wilfred that what had been lost in the world was “the knowledge of the subtle, magnetic relationship between a man and a woman, and the fact that is a larger part of the whole“, and how they could become the “channels of force the positive and negative forces out of which creation is built.” She is speaking both to external relationships between male and female but I believe that she is also speaking to the inner polar relationship too. As The Lovers Tarot card suggests, the conscious self’s path to the soul or the higher self is through the subconscious self. In this card the conscious self is shown as male and the subconscious self as female. And what happens when this inner relationship is ignored? That is shown in The Devil tarot card. Take a look!

This post is included in Dr. G. Michael Vasey’s collection of Poetry and Articles – Astral Messages

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