Divine Mind

Slinky silver surface
Golden granite glow
Show me what’s up
And point me down below

Ripples disturb the surface
Images moving to and fro
Shimmering silent shards
With nowhere left to go

Molecules are jostled
Writhing en masse
Weird wispy waters
Lapping up to grass

Moving like Mercury
But not so retrograde
Patterns in the mind
The Gods play charade

This pool goes deep
Constantly water churning
Eternal perpetual motion
Intelligently discerning

All is mind of the deity
Vibrating fractal thought
Reality as it might be
Or was, but now forgot

Divine Play by freydoon rassouli

Divine Play by freydoon rassouli

Two Weeks of Silence

After today, I can promise you almost two weeks of silence from G Michael Vasey. While I am gone, I will imagine you all running out to buy my books and reading my archive of delicious articles on this blog and on Asteroth’s Domain Me? well, I will be laying in the sun, swimming and drinking cold beers to cool off in Kos. I can’t wait.

I have been neglecting Asteroth’s Domain which I reserve for more esoteric articles mainly. I guess, I simply haven’t had much to say esoterically recently. Instead, I have been focused on building a business (Commodity Technology Advisory LLC) and trying to build a platform for my writing. Both are non-stop activities and can slowly eat away every minute of the day one way or another. After a while, you look up and kick yourself because you realize that yet again, you have slowly losing sight of what is really real and important. Meditation has gone from 30 minutes plus daily to once in a while again. I think at such times, my subconscious self gets truly pissed off with the other me. That’s when I get bad and weird dreams like the one I described the other day. I have had weird dreams all of this week to be honest and so as I lay in the sun and in between frolicking in the pool or ocean with my daughter, I shall try to refocus again……

I often think that in fact, this is the dream and the false illusion that we get sucked into and allow it to become our only reality. The truth is that there are almost certainly many realities created by the many me’s that exist. Some of you may take that as the statement of a crazy man but think about it. We are all fractured characters playing roles and being different people for different purposes aren’t we? Mum, daughter, friend, enemy, clown, and so on…. as we play out our roles, we are creating a reality for them too. Each character that we play has an audience and an energy and they create the daily dramas that occupy our lives.

The trick, I think, is to wake up and recognize this. To start to try to bring all these separate bits of ourselves and all of those different reality streams under control… the control of our true will. Some people will call this God, some Goddess and yet others Divine Providence or simply the Perfected Self. Whatever you name it, it is the same thing. In order to listen and take guidance from this presence, we have to be quiet and listen. We have to talk to it via prayer – creative visualization. We have to allow It to guide us and in doing so, hopefully, we bring together the fractured aspects of ourselves into the Divine whole we were always meant to be.

energy-in-motion by michael-massurin

energy-in-motion by michael-massurin

Great New Price for Kindle Last Observer

After a couple of attempts, I managed to convince my publisher to knock the price of the eBook version of The Last Observer down. I always thought eBooks should be substantially cheaper than the print versions but that hasn’t been the case in practice for some reason. So, if you pop over to Amazon, you will find the Kindle version now selling for under five bucks! Just in time for that summer vacation read.


You Need A Degree For That

Once upon a time a degree was really something. Those letters after your name raised eyebrows especially if followed by the extra valued (Hons). Of course, when you went on and did the doctorate, well you could chose – letters after the name…. or before and then deliberately confuse people by changing that choice periodically. One minute you are Dr. XXXXX and the next you are incognito as XXXX Ph.D. Great fun! Actually, you could build up letters after your name by adding rather grand memberships of various societies too. In fact, you could wangle it so that, by joining the right societies, those letter actually spelled something meaningful – and sometimes you could make them spell something rude! Sometimes, over a beer or three, we young students would make up whole reams of letters just for fun…. T.I.T and D.I.K. and so on. Juvenile I know but none the less, good laughs. The point is, the degree and those letters had a bit of snob value but more than that, it actually had value and meant something.

There is a slight problem these days though. Too many people have those letters after their name.

I think there are actually two issues here. First, its pretty easy to ‘buy’ those letters now. You just sign up at a ‘private’ college and do your three-years knowing that the money you invest will result in those nice letters. It’s endemic here and in the US – degrees for sale. I watched one individual here pass their undergraduate degree having others write their essays, thesis and they even called me via cell phone from their English final to ask me the answers to the questions! Incredibly, that same person added three more letters recently at the same school for a bunch of money and is now planning a Ph.D. Sorry, but this is BS! This individual would have been laughed out of town had he applied to a college in the UK in my day…. he isn’t college material but a wide boy who knows how to pull stunts and bend rules. Nice guy but why does he get away with paying for letters after his name?

OK, now I defend my statement about too many people having degrees. Sorry, the idea is that you keep something worth having by making it hard to get. The value of having those silly letters now has been minimized to virtually nothing because they are ten a penny and a good proportion of them are bought.

Here in the Czech Republic, cleaning jobs now require a degree and I am NOT joking. The sorts of jobs 15-year old CSE students coming out of regular school would get in 1975 now require a bloody degree. Furthermore, they pay like a part-time job.

The employers have figured it out you see. Everyone now has a degree – many not worth the paper they are printed on so if you want to pull pints in my pub – get a degree!

There is also another side to this and it is one that causes me great concern. The next time you visit your GP, might you not just be wondering if their degree is real?


Fame Seeker

How fitting
To see your name in print
Fame always eluded you
Now you are a household name
A life lived in vain

How very apt
To see you truly succeed
To have all those things
You chased and fought for daily
How bloody erie

What a shame
Your fame came too late
Posthumous recognition
Are you watching from some other place?
Is there a smile upon your ghostly face?

skeleton-mic (1)

Guest Author Dr. Gary M Vasey

G. M. Vasey:

A nice interview with Rosie over at Rosie Amber… my thanks to her for taking the time.

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:

Today our guest is Dr. Gary M Vasey author of yesterday’s book The Last Observer. Here is a link to the post if you missed it. http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-5gU


Let’s find out more about Gary.

1) Where is your home town?

I’m not sure I have one to be honest. I am originally from Hull and I am a rabid Hull City supporter but I have not lived there since 1978! The last 26-years I have lived in Houston and Dallas, TX and then Brno and Prague, Czech Republic. I constantly have itchy feet and so I could be moving again soon. I have never put down roots and I am sure I never will – until I do literally push up daisies.

2) Can you tell the readers why you wrote this book?

I am fascinated by the nature of reality and also very interested in the esoteric and magic. My…

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