The Wounded Kings

This morning as I meditated I arrived at a startling conclusion. I have come to believe that we create our own reality via our thoughts and subconscious mind. I am the microcosm that reflects out a macrocosm and vice versa. Obviously, the external world is a co-created reality but nonetheless, I am the master of much of my own destiny and create a lot of that external reality.

For some reason, my meditative thoughts were about the wounded King. The Fisher King of legend. In this legend, the Fisher King has a ‘thigh’ wound and this reflects in his Kingdom which becomes barren. The ‘thigh’ wound is really a wounded penis and the King is symbolically unable to balance polarities as a result of such a wound. This imbalance of polarities is reflected in the outer world as barrenness. We see that the King creates the reality in his Kingdom and when he is unable to do so, the Kingdom or his reality becomes unstable, out of balance and disturbed. Perhaps I should have seen this before but I hadn’t really registered it as an example of how we create our own reality. This morning, my mind made that connection.

Is it wrong therefore to connect the turmoil in the world right now with the inner turmoil I have been experiencing over that last couple of months? I don’t think so. I have given myself a ‘thigh’ wound and in doing so my polarity – even my ability to correct polarity has gone to hell. No, I am not saying what is going on in the world is my fault but having lost my ability to create a reasonable reality I have become one of the billions who simply reacts and responds out of fear.

The solution to my problem isn’t to sit and wait and hope. It is to go back inside of myself and heal the wound. It is to renew my acquaintance with the grail procession that reveals my inner divinity and oneness. It is to ask the question finally that needs to be asked. More important yet, it is to answer that question…….

Recently, a little ray of hope entered my life and a little light was cast by it.

So, I wonder if we all – those of us that work with such matters anyway – worked on restoring our inner balance more fervently, could we have an impact on the reality that we live in? I think the answer is yes. As I read in a blog article yesterday. The problem, my friends is us.

Suzi Q

Last week, I went to see Suzi Quatro here in Brno. Back in the early 1970’s, she covered a lot of wall space in my bedroom…. I had never had an opportunity to see her live though. So in 2015, at the age of 65, I had to smile as she shook her leather covered bum at the audience…..and rocked us back the years. She still has it. I hope I do in another 10-years.

A lot of 70’s bands pass through this part of the world. I have seen Slade and Smokie too in recent months. The shows are always packed. The one 70’s band I would love to have seen though is T.Rex. I had the chance back in 1977 to see them and at last minute something came up. I thought to myself, I can go next time. Marc Bolan died the following year.

I learned from this though…. never put off something you want to do and have the chance to do.


Miracles Do Happen

Gaining strength
Seeing hope

Miracles do happen
Every spring, new life appears
And springtime may be here
At the beginning of winter
A touch of love
A hope held deeply
A dream explained
Patience the virtue
and here I am

Something new growing
That spring has sprung anew

Miracles do happen
Oh yes they do
Through you
I am living again
Laughing in the rain
Soaking up the Sun
Again having fun
Hoping that spark of joy
Will burst into flame


Help Me Raise Money With Movember

Anyone who knows me knows that growing a moustache is a virtual impossibility for me so they will also know that walking around looking silly all of November is how it is going to be for me. It would all be worth the ridicule, pain and utter embarrassment of it all if one or two of you would dig into your wallets, extract the credit card and sponsor me ….. A couple of USD or a Quid… its good enough. Of course, it goes to a great cause – that of men’s health and specifically prostrate cancer….. so its probably deductible too…

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The Mystical Hexagram – 2nd Edition

This weekend, the paperback and kindle versions of The Mystical Hexagram – 2nd Edition became available. The book is a joint project with prolific author Sue Vincent, who incidentally designed the beautiful new cover. An additional chapter is contained in the book along with some tidying up and corrections. Overall, I am very pleased with the new version.


The book originates as a follow up to Inner Journeys – my first book that outlines how I found the Servants of The Light School, went through its 5-year course and emerged a different person complete with an inner contact I came to know as Asteroth. For several years, I continued to meditate and guided by that inner contact, discovered that the hexagram is a key to unlocking the potential of may magickal systems including Qabalah, Alchemy and Tarot. Much of what is in the core of the book is really received information. Unable to finish the book, I asked Sue to help and she very kindly agreed, editing the content I had put together and then adding a powerful introduction and what I consider to be one of the best overviews of the Tree of Life that you can read (In fact, worth the price of the book all by itself). The result is a slightly strange, deeply mystical work that I believe will resonate with those it is meant to resonate with……

Take a look at the new edition of The Mystical Hexagram by G. Michael Vasey and Sue Vincent……


I am so wounded
So hurt, I am not living
I am so wounded
So hurt, I cannot see
What it might be like to be free

I gave everything – all of me
Built a castle in the air
It seems so fucking unfair
The castle has dissolved
And taken with it
Everything I believed in
My smile has been wiped
Like an old unwanted tape
My happiness kicked into touch
It all meant so much

I am not living, but surviving
So lonely, so stuck in the past
A fairytale of memories
That I hoped would last
Lost, cast adrift, cut to the bone
How did I end up so alone?
I lived for you, not me
Rejected, I finally see
How I lost myself in an ‘us’
You didn’t appreciate nor want
I dug a hole so deep
Fit for an endless sleep

I am so wounded
So hurt, I am not living
I am so wounded
So hurt, I cannot see
What it might be like to be me


Endings and Beginnings

I was willing to work
I was willing to be someone else
I was willing to be whatever you needed me to be
And yet
You threw it away
I would have given you anything
I would have turned a blind eye
I would have done whatever it took you see

I woke up that morning
In a pure funk
Understood I had lost myself
You broke my heart
Took me so completely apart
Now I’m picking up my pieces
And puzzling over where they belong
Thats why I am writing this bloody song

Even emotionless
Until it overwhelms
Rolls over me like the rushing waters
Crushing, washing and flipping me
The panic starts
The anxiety rises
You are always full of surprises

Endings are beginnings
So they say
I’m beginning anew today
Not sure what or where
Nor what I am going to do
I will see it through