She’s Out There

I came across the hand written lyrics to a song that I wrote in 1976! I can still play it and one day I will record it as it is actually quite good even if I say so myself. It is rock reggae like the Police but predates them and it is what I played in their dressing room at Aston University…. but that is another story that you can read here..

Here are the lyrics….

She’s out there
She’s out there
She’s out there

She was one them girls
She was good looking and she knew it
She was oh so so cool
But there was something missing
With that chick oooooh

She’s out there
She’s out there
She’s out there

She was out on the town
She was grooving around but she blew it
She was oh so so rude
But there was something missing
With that chick ooooooh

She’s out there
She’s out there
She’s out there

Brings back memories…..

Punk Girl by Jakob west.

Punk Girl by Jakob west.

Memories of Another Me?

There are moments when I am overwhelmed with a strange feeling. It’s as if I remember events or things or perhaps hints of events or things that never actually happened. Sometimes, it’s like an ache yearning for something that seems lost or unclear. The feeling that there is something strange about things is a part of this sensation. Bizarre?

To be honest, I think it is this feeling that I had as a child that lead me to imagine that I was not really here at all but instead I was sat in a small room hooked up to a machine through which I experienced a virtual life knowing that outside my room was an endless corridor of such rooms….

The feeling sometimes is so strong that I am sad for whatever I have lost. The half memories of somewhere make me yearn for wherever it was.

I have wondered if I am remembering dreams? Did I dream these things? Or am I in the dream now yearning for my waking life elsewhere? Other times I wonder if I am recalling experiences from another me in a parallel Universe!

Whatever this feeling is I find that as I grow older the feeling is stronger and comes to me more often. It’s so difficult to describe but does anyone else ever feel this way?


Ghosts, Reality and Long-Leggety Beasties

My summer cold of course decided to move into to my larynx and set up shop resulting in the last few days feeling distinctly unwell. The antibiotics are now kicking in and I’m recovering nicely. Meanwhile, I launched a new ghost and paranormal website at My Haunted Life Too. Why I did so I don’t really know as there are more than enough such sites around already but actually, I did it because I enjoy the stories and because I could. I do hope that over time, it will blossom into a real presence on the paranormal side of the web. Meanwhile, I am hard at work on my last book for a little while. Another ghost story book actually but I will say no more until it is out. Then it will be summer holiday and finally a determined push to finish The Lord of the Elements……

Meanwhile, the last two days have been very gloomy here in Brno. The contrast between last week and this couldn’t be greater and I am reminded forcibly about how weather can impact mood. While last week, I was feeling full of the joys of spring and taking in the blossoms and the colors of green and so on while feeling like it simply couldn’t be any better, this week I feel as if a heavy weight is hanging over me and something bad is about to happen. I think it can all be put down simply to the weather. Weather it seems can also have an impact on how we see the world and how we feel about it.

The new book is out and slowly selling and picking up steam. No reviews yet so I have no idea how it is being received. But, I will create my own reality and say it is a wonderful book and will be well received – of course, in my reality there is alway an exception…….

Finally, Alienora Taylor‘s excellent and wonderfully funny book – Long-Leggety Beasties – is available for free on Kindle and #1 in its category on both sides of the Atlantic. Deserved congratulations to her and I really really do recommend the book……

How Different Are People

If you needed a reminder of just how different people are take a look at any book on Amazon with a number of reviews – even Shakespeare’s sonnets. There you will find the entire gamut of people’s perceptions as reviews. The Last Observer, my paranormal novella, has quite a lot of reviews as well and I was just going through them on Amazon and Goodreads to see what people thought. There are 25 reviews on and it has an average of 4.4 out of five which I will happily take all day. The book has 17 5-star reviews, 4 four-star, 2 3-star and 2 one-star reviews and no two-star reviews as yet. But consider some of the comments….

We have this on the one hand – “This book was a blast to read! With 114 pages of pure mind bending content, my restless modern soundbite trained brain was totally engaged for the two nights I read it. I have to admit I was upset that bedtime on a work night came at page 65 because I wanted to continue the story.”

And yet this on the other – “This is Vasey’s first book. It should have never made it out of his word processing application. You know how hundreds of thousands of little girls go to dance school, and eventually they have a recital? Well the sad truth is that 99 percent of them are terrible dancers and no one would want to pay to see them perform. Similarly, one must have the wisdom to be able to discern if a book is ready to publish. This one was not.”

OK. Wow – two very extreme opinions. The latter reviewer even goes so far as to suggest “But seeing eight 5-star reviews, the low cost of the Kindle edition, and the fact that this was in my “recommended” stream tricked me into buying this horrendous waste of zeroes and ones.”

Meanwhile another reviewer has this to say …”Vasey is swift and clean in his writing, both in the scene descriptions and dialogue, making The Last Observer a book that comes in at under 120 pages and can be read in an hour or two. That said, a small part of me would love to see the dialogue in Chapter Twenty – Zeltan Speaks performed by Al Pacino just as he did his famous defense of the human condition as Satan in the movie version of The Devil’s Advocate. If you liked that scene, you’ll enjoy this strikingly honest appraisal of modern magic.”

Do you get my drift? For one person I cannot write at all and the book is so bad it should never have been published and yet for another my writing is swift and clean….

Another reviewer says .. “I gave Mr. Vasey’s book a 5 star rating. The reason is simple. It reads well on many levels.” while yet another has this to say “Interesting premise, if not particularly original, but the writing is incredibly awkward and I could not get past that.”

Finally consider this review – “Some of his other pieces are also primarily fluff, but they were fluff in a more cerebral fashion.” A reader’s comment about me? Why No, it’s about William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet!!!

To be honest, I rarely read reviews of my books anymore. The fact is some people love what I write and others hate it and wish I would stop already LOL! Luckily, the latter are a small minority compared to the former and I have no intention of stopping putting out books and writing. People are simply different and I often think a review says as much about the person writing it as it does about the book being reviewed. In the end, if the books find a market, a readership, and people enjoy them then that is what it all about. I do not pretend to be Shakespeare nor even one of those serious high-brow writers that win serious book prizes but barely sell a book. I write because I want to and I can and I fully recognize these days that each book will have a broad range of reactions from the readers.

Why not write a review of one of my books? They are important in the total scale of things. You could even pick up a Kindle copy of the Last Observer and decide for yourself…..

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.57.20 PM

The Dead

Somewhere there is a place

The dead must go

Once here, but now residing

Somewhere there

Cut off and isolated from the living

It used to be called Hades

A shadow land full of shadow people

And when the sun shines

They shimmer like rising heat

The dead are fast on their feet

Fleet of foot and silent too

A higher frequency of life

Is that what death truly is?

All around us they play

Thoughts trapped in the ether

And when the light is just right

We may gain a glimpse or two

A flickering shadow plays

Radiating under Sun rays

The faint echo of laughter

Or a hint of foot steps on ice

A face stares back in the mirror

A voice speaking starkly

From within incandescent static

They are there and they stare

They watch and still do they care

But they know it’s simply a matter

Of time and we will be there

To share eternity with them

As a ray of light, a fire spark

Spirit in perpetual motion

Eternally playing as the light

Effervescent with laughter

Joyfully lost in eternity

Pulled back to the One



A Summer Cold

The summer cold. What a contradiction of terms that is huh? I managed to avoid cold and flu through the winter but apparently I now have the summer cold caught from my daughter who caught it at school. I can barely swallow because there seems to be a mini version of Mount Everest in my throat right now complete with a bunch of annoying people determined to climb the bugger – or at least that is what it feels like.

Yes Summer and cold are two words that simply do not belong together. Summer colds should be banned or made illegal. Sneezing, coughing and constantly blowing one’s nose is something that should only happen in the winter or on a particularly horrendous pollen-filled day in Springtime.

However, I let the bugger in. I must have taken my guard down and I forgot to pop the C and Zinc tablets I had been dropping all winter long. I guess I allowed the virus into my reality and now it is quite difficult not to give the bugger attention and that only makes the thing worse.  So I am now shoveling C and Zinc tablets like Francis Rossi sniffed Coke (gave him a hole in his septum too apparently!). It’ll be gone in a few days I guess and then summer can resume in orderly fashion once more.

By the way – did I tell you that my new book – How to create your own reality – is now out? I did? So why didn’t you buy it then???? eh? eh?


Get a Grip!

Tomorrow sees the release of my new book – How To Create Your Own Reality in kindle and paperback formats. Pre-orders have been strong and the book is already ranking on bestseller lists on Amazon! Yes – I am creating my own reality and the book outlines how. I do think that readers of the book will certainly have food for thought along with some techniques to try out. I also believe that anyone who reads the book might just change their outlook on life and, if they do that, then they will change their reality because that change in outlook will have an impact.

The content of the book is drawn from many blog articles written over the last several years that have been edited, added to and organized to add up to a powerful punch of creative thinking and practice. I know one thing for certain and that is when I gave this book to my book publicist, things changed in his reality almost immediately after reading it!

create your own reality cover 3Thoughts are real. Thoughts are things. Thoughts create.

This book will show you how to potentially regain control of your world and your life. It will teach you how negative thoughts, our  personal conspiracy theories and the outside world all conspire to clutter and even control your thinking. In turn, this impacts how you create your life – your reality.

Break free and get a grip!

Learn how.

Learn how to use the techniques that top athletes use to be successful, learn what prayer really is, learn about magic and long-known techniques to create your own reality.

This isn’t The Secret. This is the key to unlock your future. Don’t miss it.

Pop over and see the book trailer video here and order your copy now – here.

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