Silly Season

Even though I haven’t lived in the Uk in over 25-years, I do know what an election there feels like and having spent almost two decades in the US, which the UK now seems to want to emulate in terms of political campaigning, I feel sorry for all of you Brits. The silly season is about to start – has already started. You will now be subjected to a bunch of young, immature and inexperienced men (yes – still mostly men) telling you what you want to hear in order to curry your favor and your vote. Later, once elected, they will forget what they said and do what they want anyway.

Isn’t it time to just put an end to this nonsense?

In a world I created, this is how it would be done…

1. Anyone wanting to be a politician would be banned for life from being allowed to represent anyone,

2. A computer would elect every two years 33% of a representative assembly using the last census. The computer would elect a representative sample of the census,

3. Criminals and people with a criminal record would not be allowed to be selected along with people willingly expressing an interest in being a politician,

4. In order to actually take up the position, the elected person would have to sit a literacy exam to make sure that they could write, read and had an idea where places like Moscow, Washington and Bermuda where,

5. They would be paid a replacement wage and the law would ensure that their jobs were protected for when they returned,

6. You could only be elected once,

7. A civil service would provide continuity and enactment services,

8. All political parties would be abolished along with all pressure groups and lobbyists.

I’m sure such a system would work equally as well as the current one and people like Mr. Milliband and Mr. Cameron would have to actually work for a living.




Best Laid Plans Give Away

Starting sometime tomorrow and through the entire weekend why not grab yourself a book of really interesting poems and verse? Put it in your plans to get a kindle copy of Best Laid Plans from any Amazon website this weekend – you can’t go wrong really – its FREE.


A fifth collection of poetry and rhyme by G. Michael Vasey musing about the magic of life. From the mystery of The Story through to magic of the Hexagram and the number 6, Vasey twists words and phrases to paint deliciously vivid images of how he sees life and everything.

Five Star Review by Oregon Chick on

I personally, loved this unique and genuine glimpse into the authors mind; his thoughts and processes of the modern world as we know it and the emotions that come with it. His writings are something we can all connect with and relate to. The book speaks with great voice and character and makes you feel as if you have slipped into his mind to take a walk in his shoes. I would call it modern poetry maybe. If you are looking for something different, something new, something creative… look no further. I wish it were longer and have added a couple of his others to my TBR :-)

An interesting note on the cover…

The cover features a green man or Pan figure that is on the facade of the building just a few doors down from where I live. The entire street has similar decorations.

Or try one of my other books of poetry…….



In Search of Charisma

Charisma. It’s a word I hear used about people from time to time. People have a charismatic personality and people follow them. Charismatic people seem to have a knack to walk through life with a smile on their face. Confident, assertive and bold.

I had a boss a few years ago in Houston who was charismatic. He was Dutch and I guess in his 50’s. He had a deep hypnotic voice and he took good care of himself. Women swooned and men followed without question me included. You felt good in his company and his energy somehow rubbed off on you as enthusiasm. Looking back, I really don’t know what he did exactly except build and maintain relationships. He offered little direction as a boss but commanded great loyalty. He had a vain side to him too but you overlooked it because he was such an attractive and magnetic personality.

What are the qualities that create charisma? I wish I knew because I could use some. You see, I must conclude I lack charisma. I don’t create loyalty among friends in fact, I have few friends and many of them don’t or haven’t stayed in touch. Here in Brno, I hardly have anyone I can call a friend and I barely ever go out because I have no one to go out with. Even my children – the three boys in Texas barely stay in touch unless they need something. My daughter is good with me and we get along well but she would drop me like a stone for her Mother (who is charismatic). Don’t get me wrong, I am not really complaining, just puzzled. I’m used to it.

I am a giver. I give, give and give. I give my time, my energy and my thoughts. I give my money and I spend my money on everyone except me. I have always been this way. The funny thing is, the more you give and provide for people, the less they respect you. You become taken for granted. Meanwhile, people who are charismatic don’t actually give anything much, they take instead from a steady stream of givers like me.

As I get older I think about this more and more. I am coming to some very interesting conclusions. People want what they can’t have – it is playing ‘hard to get’, it is the ‘grass is greener’ syndrome. Being charismatic it seems to me involves being hard to get and yet being wanted. It involves being selfish.

I think that sometimes we can give too much and we lose the respect of others. Sometimes, we need to give to ourselves as well. For someone like me, giving to myself seems selfish and yet, I begin to believe that it isn’t necessarily selfishness but a part of finding the balance, the middle ground between two polarities. For what I have discovered is that qualities are not bipolar good and bad (good and evil, black and white, male and female and so on) but triangular. There are two extremes neither of which is good and a balance between them which is good. So, we must continually seek that balance everywhere and in everything we do. I speak more about this in The Mystical Hexagram.

So back to charisma. I’d like to be more charismatic for sure. I’d like to have more friends and a loyal following of readers. But charismatic people are actually one end of a bipolar relationship and what I need to find is the middle ground – the point of balance between being charismatic and being a loyal, supportive giver.


Bastions of Light

I am researching a lot of old alchemists for my next little book and the stunning parallel in all of their lives was their sheer brilliance. University at 13 or 16 already full of alchemical knowledge, books published or completed at around 20 including Agrippa’s three huge volumes on magic. Traveling around Europe and the Middle East, writing a ton of books and manuscripts. The question is how?

Just exactly how can a boy of 16 in the 14th Century possibly have accumulated so much  knowledge? How can they have learned to write, read, speak multiple different languages, know the philosophers and so on? It’s just utterly amazing. I realize that there was no TV or internet and so time could be spent on contemplation and so on but back then you had to seek out knowledge. It wasn’t available at the fingertips as it is now. I also realize that there was less knowledge – probably orders of magnitude less knowledge but – Agrippa, Paracelsus and their ilk were not just seeking knowledge but creating it!

Henry Cornelius Agrippa

Henry Cornelius Agrippa

Finally, think of the environment in which they did this. A mean, horrid subsistence of a life in a dirty hole surrounded by ignorance and stupidity. Everything required significant effort from making a meal to making a tool. Furthermore, think of the superstitions, the ignorance and intolerance of the Church, the sheeplike nature of the Church’s flock and it must have been living hell to be enlightened in the 14th Century. It’s no wonder these people’s lives read like a life on the run….



I have come to realize that whatever the truth behind some of the hearsay and legend around these mediaeval alchemists and adepts, despite the mystery, despite the Church’s attempts to darkened and blacken their activities and lives, these were some truly special people. Amazing people.

Light, it seems, cannot ever be extinguished. No matter how dark things become or get, a small flame will flicker and burn brightly keeping the wisdom alive. These men’s spirits shone brightly in an age of ignorance and darkness and our lives seem so easy, even lazy in comparison.

Coming soon – Wizards, Warlocks And Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery by G. Michael Vasey

New Book Out

I have a new book out. They say that variety is the spice of life and in my new book you will find no ghosts nor paranormal happenings. No, its a business book written with my business partner Patrick Reames. The book is called ETRM/CTRM Software Markets 2014 – A Year in Review.


Unless you follow the commodity trading world or software, I wouldn’t buy it as it is quite narrow in terms of its content and your likely interest. However, it is another book and it is already selling well on Kindle.

Meanwhile, the next fun book is about halfway done.  It will be another Kindle book and it is titled “Wizards, Warlocks And Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery”. It will be published by Asteroth’s Books and should be out by mid-April. I will keep you posted.


A Frustrating Time

It has, in retrospect, been a very frustrating week. However, today marks a Super moon, Equinox and Solar Eclipse so maybe certain difficulties should have been anticipated? The solar eclipse was pretty much of a non-event here with it being only a partial eclipse. We did go out and take a look though. Being Spring Equinox, the good news is that we are now heading towards Summer and that can’t be bad can it? For those expecting some end of the world, apocalyptic-type event – well, I did warn you that nowt would happen….except that your wishful thinking would be dashed again.

No. I simply have been wildly unorganized and time seems to have slipped through my hands like water. So much to do, so little time to do it. In a book I read recently (incidentally, a highly recommended book meaning go out and buy it now…), an adept tells a Bardon discussion group abut how he escapes time when he needs to. If he happens to read this can I ask he contact me with that spell/ritual please? I could well use it.

It is once again almost the weekend. It looks like the weather is going to beautiful and since Hull City are playing Chelsea, I guess we will head somewhere for a weekend away. We will explore the delights and magic of the Czech countryside and one or two pubs as well.

Hope its a good one for you all. Next week will hopefully be better!


Meet My Guide

The following short story is taken from the #1 bestselling kindle book – My Haunted Life Too (and My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition).

my haunted life too final cover

My father was a very good man and a great father. He was always so understanding of the strange events that happened to me and us while I was growing up and even into adult life. The reason for this was that he, too, experienced strange things and had done so since he was a boy. In fact, his mother was a medium, and my dad plainly had inherited some of the gift (?) and carried like an unwanted burden through his life. Unfortunately, Dad was a strong and quiet man, so he never told me much about his own experiences, but every now and then, perhaps over a pint, if he was in the right mood, he would mention one or two things that had occurred.

His memories begin with being a small boy and seeing his mother have many visitors. Eventually, his mother told him and his brother that she was a medium, and people would visit her to contact their dead relatives. He never said what he felt about that, but I can imagine it must have perturbed him at least a little. One day, he told me his mother started to tell her two young boys a little bit about being a medium. She told them that she had a spirit guide who worked through her and, if they wished, they could meet him. Overcoming any trepidation, my dad said yes, he would like to meet his mother’s guide.

What happened next, though, was so unexpected and so shocking for a young mind that he remembered it vividly all of his life. His mother closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply and rhythmically for a while. He and his brother watched as her face and features slowly began to change. The eyes began to slant, a long and thin moustache and beard started to grow, her hair began to straighten and skin color change. In just a few moments, the two deeply horrified boys were looking, not at their mother, but at an old Chinese man who smiled back at them from where their mother’s face had been.


One can imagine the fear and shock of this. Where was their mother? And who was this Chinese man? I know that it deeply disturbed him and that he had nightmares about it. I asked him why his mother did this, and he said that he thought she just genuinely wanted them to see there was nothing to be afraid of and hadn’t realized how the boys would react. Anyway, it must have been a deeply traumatic experience for him.

Throughout his life, Dad plainly saw and heard things that others did not. Periodically, he would wake up, shouting and pushing some unseen thing away. When I asked him about this, he told me they were dark shadows and that was all he would ever tell me. Undoubtedly, he heard and saw some of things that I did growing up as he simply accepted what was going on and tried to help me.

It was my dad who told me one time that in his experience, getting angry worked. What he meant by this was that whatever these things were, they seemed to get stronger the more scared you were. They fed off the fear energy that they caused, and it was this energy that attracted them. He told me, “Get angry, swear and shout at them if needs be, but be angry. Don’t let them feed off your fear.” He was right. The strategy always worked since in some way, the anger overcame the fear, and they lost their energy source.

However, getting angry, while a good temporary strategy, isn’t a long-term solution. The long-term solution required inner work. It requires a strong mind and will and the determination to not allow these things into your world at all.

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