How To Create Your Own Reality

The book is taking shape and will be released on May 14th, 2015. The Kindle cover is ready. The website is being built and I will also probably take a crack at a video as well.

As many of you know, I think we create our own reality via the way we think, act and how well we break free of the ingrained thought processes that we are given growing up. Magic is a process by which we learn to gain control of our lives – our reality – and truly live.

The book is quite short but I believe it will be very effective. I will go so far as to say that it may change a few lives.

Mark your diaries for May 14th and grab your copy. It will be available for purchase before the 14th on Amazon sites as well.

Here is the cover….


create your own reality cover 3

Young Fool

It’s so funny how

That now when I look back

It’s with different eyes

It’s so funny how

That with my 20:20 retro vision

My life becomes a set of lies


Did I let my life pass me by?

Was fear of failure fear enough

And so no matter how I say goodbye

I know I didn’t give my best stuff


What could have, should have been

Simply rejected for normality

Now I look back to life as a teen

It’s with an increasing sense of finality


It’s so funny how

Now I really think about it

Dream, imagine and drool

It’s so funny how

Now I am able to act upon it

It seems as if I was just a young fool





I think my next book of poetry will be called Songs to put music to

It would be great if someone would do that…


Massive Download of Wizards Book

A staggering 601 copies of my new Kindle book – Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians – were downloaded across Amazon sites during its 5-day give away. That is over 100 copies a day and the book broke the top 1000 on for a period as well. Now, let’s hope that it sells just as well.

Meanwhile, my new book is with my editor and a cover is being designed. This one will be both paperback and Kindle and the working title is How To Create Your Reality. I am in the process of putting up a website for this book and I will offer courses later as well for anyone interested. There will also be a video promo for the book as well. I am excited about this one as it is a topic close to my heart that I am passionate about.

Finally, I will be a guest on the Jim Harold Ghost Insight broadcast on May 7th. I am looking forward to that and Jim Harold’s show goes out to a massive audience as well.

Saying Goodbye To A Childhood Friend

Yesterday, I found out that an old friend of mine had passed away. I discovered this via Facebook and I am still shocked beyond belief. I still do not know what happened, but I do know that Andrew Wells has gone at age 56.

I first met Andy when my family moved to Willerby from West Hull. He lived at 5 Thornwick Ave and I at 1 Thornwick Ave. He was a year older and ahead of me at school, but I recall that we both got acoustic guitars from Christmas – perhaps it was 1972 – maybe 1971. Immediately, we started to ‘jam’ together. Of course, neither of us could play a note on the guitar, but it was fun to imagine that we could. Over the next couple of years, we taught each other how to play. I remember Andy teaching me E form bar chords in my bedroom one afternoon and from there it was only a few weeks before we were bashing out 12-bar blues. We both liked Status Quo and we started to learn some of their songs from the period. We called our first band – Brutus – after his Alsatian dog! The band became Nemo in time….

Sometime a bit later, 3 Thornwick Ave changed hands and we both met Tim who now lived there. Tim is a year younger than me and it took no time at all to convince him to try playing Bass guitar. In fact, I taught him I think. Another buddy at the time, Mike, had a drum kit and soon we had a band. Andy and I progressed to electric guitars and soon we were practicing at the Willerby Conservative hall weekly. There, we annoyed the neighbours bashing out songs like Bye Bye Johnny, Backwater, Just Take Me, Big Fat Mama and more besides. Andy played lead, I was the back up guitar and vocals, Tim on bass, Mike on drums. What a time we had.

I recall the fist gig we played was at Willerby Methodist Church. How nervous we were. Halfway through the first song which was raucous and loud, the vicar pulled the plug on us! The crowd protested however, and we got to finish our short set. We felt like rock stars that night and in a way, we were.

I went to college out of town and lost track a bit of Andy. I saw him at Christmas a couple of years and I knew he was doing some kind of course in Hull and was working at Metalbox but that was about it. So, it was with some surprise in 1988 living in Kingwood outside of Houston, TX, that I got a phone call from him. It turned out he was living in Connecticut and was also in the US. He seemed to be doing pretty well and we made some remarks about meeting up as you do but the next time I saw him was Thornwick Ave when we were both visiting parents. We laughed how we had travelled so many miles to meet! Over the next few years I saw him in Willerby and Beverly and we would catch up a bit and have a beer or so and then I lost track of him again.

Then again, last year out of the blue, he emailed me and we started a new round of catch up conversation. He was living in Nashville and newly married. We hooked up on Linkedin and Facebook and he called me one day. We had a short chat and I told him I would call him back. The funny thing is is that you always think there is plenty of time. A couple of weeks ago, in response to a post on my blog, he had sent me a FB message and I replied briefly. On the 24th April, he passed away. WE never did catch up again properly and I feel as if a piece of my childhood went with him. RIP Andrew David Wells and my heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

This is for you… I think this is the same tour we went to at Brid Spa..

Artful Words of Science

The Art of Science is my last book of poetry published earlier this year and I happen to believe it is my best so far….. It is full of angst, insights and ideas about life, reality and it all. My poetry is fluid wordplay using words to create feelings and conjure pictures of how I see things. All my poetry books are available on Kindle and in paperback format…

Enjoy this sample from The Art of Science called Getting Older.

I once thought that
I would last forever
Had no concerns at all
Burned the candles at both ends
And in the middle too
But there came a time when
I suddenly understood
Time, was moving quickly on
Everyone looks older
But not necessarily wiser
Certain songs are sung memories
Of times now long gone
Partying with people
Whose names I no longer remember
Yes indeed, life has moved on
Getting older
Getting bolder
With each passing day
Where there is a will
They say that there is a way
But the way my body feels
I’m sometimes not so sure
Quite frankly
The word manure
Or a derivation
Comes to mind
And you know
What I find
So bloody difficult
Is actually that
Aging is so damned