Blueness, luminescent, trickling through my soul Path of the smaller abyss I follow Winding and grinding, deep into the sleeper All a matter of breath control I can be here; I can be there, everywhere Remote perception, astral deception A silent golden shore, ocean translucent My place of remembrance being Fire and flame, Michael meandering same Archangel resplendent Rising pure fire, pursuing spiritual desire Into the circle of healing, respectfully kneeling A timeless location, fiery Sun burning down Standing stones circling motion Harmonic spheres, midst peaks of crystalline tears Naked – a Tiphareth child Ticking time coils, Inner sacred energy boils The savior serpent majestically rises Kabalistic number, while most of you slumber So what can be hidden in a name? Serpentine Kundalini, how will you reveal me? And then

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