It is just a charade A game deep within a game Hypnotic and beguiling Passing scenery that can be extremely charming All you have to do is chose to Dream a dream into reality But do take care with your sanity. A moving tapestry hung There before your very eyes Strength needed to recognize The strangely sordid lies The game is about creating And also creation sorting Determining what is true But beware because whatever you do It is only ever true for you Geburah is needed here Hold that sphere dear Mars like efficiency Sorts the thoughts Sorts the pictures While Gedulah smiles another Images moving from one pillar Across to the other It is just a charade A game deep within a game Imagine that

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Talent. It is a strange thing. Some people ooze it without effort while others strive for it. A talent is a gift and it is a shame when a talent isn’t used. I purchased a guitar for my eldest son Paul when he was quite small. He picked at it and strummed it as small kids do and then it gathered dust. I did try to teach him some chords but he seemed to have little interest. He took up violin in school and actually became quite good at it. He did study music as well. One long hot Houston summer, I came home from work to discover Paul playing my electric guitar. Hours and hours on end in his room he strummed and played. after a few days, he

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Japan and Birmingham

I play a lot of music during the day as I work in my home office. It never ceases to amaze me the power of music. In particular, its power to evoke memories and trigger mood and emotional responses. If I want to meditate, I simply go to youtube these days and select a nice suitable piece of music and I am off to other spheres….. Today, I played some Japan. It has been a long time since I did and I was immediately transported back to Birmingham and 1979. My best friend at college – Steve – introduced me to Japan one afternoon at his flat. We were playing Dungeons and Dragons and he put one of their albums on. I loved the music and the deep rumbling of David Sylvian’s

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