The Art of Meditation – Part One

Introduction According to Wikipedia, Meditation can be defined as “a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward to a single point of reference.” For me, meditation involves reaching a state known as ‘mind awake, body asleep.’ Several techniques may then be used to actually meditate including constant thought and attention on an object, symbol or a statement or, my favored approach, emptying of the mind to simply let images arise that are noted and then dismissed. I will discuss these two approaches in more detail in a later continuation of this dissertation. To meditate properly, that is, to reach the correct state of ‘body asleep, mind awake’ is in fact quite difficult and some students have immense problems getting

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Madonna & Child – Thoughts

Any church or art museum is full of paintings of the Madonna and child. But is there an occult meaning or symbolism behind these religiously inspired images and what is the meaning of the black Madonna? In recent meditations focused on the anima or inner female, the image of the Madonna and child has continually come to mind. Could it be that the Madonna represents the anima, the inner female, the soul? And is the child she bears proudly in her arms the fruit of a union between the outer self of the artist and his inner female. The solar child? Most of these images were painted in a male dominated society – at a time when males were dominant in society. If it were the other way round, would

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Love As Acceptance

Today, Asteroth told me write about love. I asked for more detail and she said ‘love as acceptance’. I didn’t need anymore words because the words themselves conveyed the entirety of the suggestion. This is a difficult concept to explain but it seemed as if the words themselves conveyed the feeling and understanding of love as acceptance. It’s as if the words are only a key to a packet of understanding which opens up and engulfs me. What those words conveyed to me was along the lines that when we are told to ‘love one another’, we are told to accept one another for what we are and what we have the potential to be. It’s a surrendering of one’s own ego and viewpoint. A letting go of our own

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