My Best Sellers – July

Every month, I go through various reports and tot up my book sales. I sell around 300 books per month at the moment which is significantly down from the heady days of a few years ago. Not complaining however.

26a6dfbd-b0a4-4a8c-acba-bb9ca489287cSo in July, my best selling book by far was in fact my latest True Paranormal tales book…. – The Scary Best of Myhauntedlifetoo.comSo it is a compilation of some of the most popular stories submitted there by me and others. Lightly edited for readability and with a cover photo I took myself. It sells around 60 books a month right now and is almost a consistent top 50 player in certain categories. I think, in part, it is that that keeps it selling. You can also buy merchandize with the front cover image on them – The hoodie looks great!

51TcDhCeoPLThe second best for sales in July was another long-term favorite – Chilling Tales of The Black Eyed Kids. This one continues to sell month in, month out and has totted up 1300 sales since release. It is actually a compilation of Your Haunted Lives 3 – The Black Eyed Kids and a shorter book of stories that is no longer available stand alone. The Black Eyed Kids book also sells well and has totaled 1500 copies since release.


gods pretenders coverMeanwhile, my last book, Chasing the Shaman, is also continuing to make a few sales. As this is a different genre, I am very pleased with the take up of this book helped by a couple of very nice 5-star reviews during the month. However, to my surprise, the 3rd best selling book of July is an old one – God’s Pretenders – and it achieved its position via audiobook sales as well!

Unfortunately, my book sales are not enough to be my only income…. so I am writing two more to join these and other titles that I hope will see the light of day this year.

You can find all my books on Amazon at my author page. Here you will find a mixture of poetry, novellas, ghosts books, books on magic and more……


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