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Cold-Hearted Girl

A song on the last album is cold-hearted girl. The actual riff that drives the song is something I have played with for decades – probably since 1974! I finally found a use for it. The lyrics were sang without any preparation – I just let the music take me and sang whatever came out… which was,   Cold hearted girl Cold hearted girl Cold hearted girl Cold hearted girl Outside its cold as ice Reminds me of your heart Your empty words That broke us apart Its plain to me that you think of yourself So now its goodbye My Joanna Cold hearted Cold Hearted Cold Hearted  Girl Outside the snow is falling Its filling your heart That frozen smile you use when you leave Its plain to me

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The Magic of Magick by Peter C. Whitaker

In my last blog post I suggested that I would consider the subject of magick in my up and coming fantasy book ‘The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom’. For those who might not be aware of it Magick is ‘the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will’. Magic, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that entertainers do. Is there really a difference? Well, it depends on your view of authenticity I suppose. I believe that the best examples of speculative fiction, that is anything that goes beyond the norm of everyday life, is actually rooted in that same everyday life. Fantastical things may occur, fabulous creatures may exist, but there is also a logic to the fantasy world that they occupy that

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Holiday Characters – The Browning Cycle – Episode 2

Having just returned from a week in Italy with my daughter, I have another week’s worth of observations from my sun bed….. The man was tallish and very thin. A skinny skeleton in fact. He stood at the water line surveying the water in his old fashioned pink trunks pulled up to somewhere around his lower chest so that his junk hung out either side. Deni found this funny as most 12-year olds might. He held in his hand a 1980’s era music player which blurted out 1980’s pop music. He moved from side-to-side in an awkward and abrupt sort of way with the beat. It was very Mr. Bean-like. The name stuck. We followed Mr. Bean for several days. He would arrive at the beach and rent a sun

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