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Oh Look – A New Book!

I finally managed to get past my laziness and compile a new book! Yes – The Scary Best of – is now out on Kindle! An all new collection of favorite chilling true stories of the paranormal submitted to the Myhauntedlifetoo website compiled and edited by G. Michael Vasey. Ghosts, shadows, demons and poltergeist….. for those who experience such things, the paranormal is very real and very frightening. The stories in this book cover all of these paranormal phenomena and more besides…… Don’t read before bedtime! The Scary Best of – True stories of the paranormal edited by G. Michael Vasey  

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Fire 2019

So another remixed song – this time its FIRE! I liked the original but I learned so much since I originally recorded it that I couldn’t resist tweaking it….. have a listen – I added harmonies and made it a bit more rocky… The next song will be all new! Meanwhile, Far Away remains by most popular effort with over 8000 streams on Spotify alone! Thanks….  

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