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It’s a Black and White World

The world is changing and I find myself feeling old and hankering after the good old days….. and then, I don’t. Walking this morning I realized that sometimes I live in the past and I must make an effort to be in the present. I wrote a blog post once theorizing that perhaps aging is what happens when the volume of forward-looking thought is outweighed by the volume of backward-looking memories – I called it the tipping point. I still think there may be something to that idea but essentially, we have to live in the moment or we are not living at all rather we are dreaming our way through life. I struggle to explain some things and this idea that the world is increasingly black and white is one of

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What Happens When You Try to Debate Climate Change

I worry for humanity given the younger generations inability to think critically I do. I guess I’ll be gone by the time they wreak their havoc on the world so maybe I should stop worrying… Anyway. When you try to have a debate with these younger people about climate change some strange behavior manifests. I have had several attempts at debating this issue with a young BBC reporter, A British MP (and a bunch of his followers who all piled in), some people on Facebook etc. Rather than engage with you on the topic, the response includes all of the following; You write badly and need to pay attention to your grammar (I actually use Grammarly, so I guess that is a waste of cash), You just used the word ‘crap’

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