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There is Magic…..

I believe in magic. Strange thing to say coming from a Ph.D. I guess. The thing is that these days I think many people do not believe in magic at all and it’s a shame. For me, magic is what happens when you just let it. It is that thing you feel when you observe things in a certain way – that moment when you catch a glimpse of eternity in the Universe in seeing the sky, that moment when you feel the oneness of the All, that moment when you are filled with a certain feeling of happiness and contentment despite everything (and everyone!). You know magic is alive in your life when things just happen. Coincidences and unexpected events that take you in an often unexpected direction. To

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My Way

These days people are either one thing or another. Polar opposites. I find this peculiar and yet intriguing. I read somewhere that all people who are warming skeptics are Trump supporters. It was a good example of how polarized things have become and I do believe that people sometimes lose their ability to think. Rather they parrot what they have read in their little enclave of social media friends who all think as they do. Or maybe they would rather not think for themselves so as not to face the wrath of the political police? It’s everywhere. If you are not with us, you must be against us. Well, sorry but I do think. I don’t subscribe to any prevailing set of politically correct parrot thoughts. And I never will. It

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