There is Magic…..

I believe in magic. Strange thing to say coming from a Ph.D. I guess. The thing is that these days I think many people do not believe in magic at all and it’s a shame.

For me, magic is what happens when you just let it. It is that thing you feel when you observe things in a certain way – that moment when you catch a glimpse of eternity in the Universe in seeing the sky, that moment when you feel the oneness of the All, that moment when you are filled with a certain feeling of happiness and contentment despite everything (and everyone!). You know magic is alive in your life when things just happen. Coincidences and unexpected events that take you in an often unexpected direction. To see and feel the magic requires a few things though,

  1. You have to accept that magic exists – if you do not, you will not see it even though it is there,
  2. You have to go with the flow – some Christians I know call this giving it all to God. For me, its just letting go into the bigger picture,
  3. You have to have gratitude and wonder for life and all of its mysteries.

Now, a lot of people feel this way – at least partially but many do not. They sort of lost their souls to the devil – the material world around them. Life is about gaining usually at others expense – and it isn’t always money. Often its just power of some form – real or perceived. Often, these people have lost an ability to think critically and fall into parroting what they have heard or read or think the group they identify with wants. I want these people to see the magic….. because when they do, everything will change for them – really.

You know. That PhD. It was magic that drove me to it. A love of the natural history of the planet and in pursuing geology, I had many very magical experiences……

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