Edge of Day

Memories painted in my mind
Tapestries spun from emotion
Hanging as if to dry
A long and windy road trod barefoot
As if in requiem to another yesterday
The wind howls a deep sigh

Inside my head the pictures float
A technicolor movie of my life
Endlessly showing to a crowd of one
Somewhere, the Sea crashes over the rocks
That sit at the core of my being
Will a B movie actor suffice?

My road is forked
My path lies which way?
Eternal sunshine
Or, I simply fall away

I am a dreamer dreaming
I am an observer observing
A growing point in time
Treading a weary line

The footprints in the sand lead nowhere
Except around and around
Edging inwards away
The mountains in the distance
Beckon me on to I know not where
On the very edge of day

My path lies before me
I take it one step at a time
Not knowing where it leads
And looking for a sign

I am a dreamer dreaming
A believer still believing
That I will find her in time
Reflected in morbid rhyme.

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