Online Dating

I’m looking for a date
Despite it getting quite late
I’ve tried Tinder and Badoo
And OKCupid too
Yet, all I find are bots
And scams and attempts
To defraud
Porn star pictures
Some of them dead
A simple reverse search confirms
A profile to dread
I send messages
That go unanswered
Poems and thoughts and things
That might interest
Photos of course I select only
What I think to be my best
I’m a real catch for someone
But this makes no sense
Online dating
It’s a lottery
The ladies in waiting
Never reply
I can’t get their interest
I feel I need to lie
About my age
To get a look in
I want to shout
Look at me!
I’m wealthy, creative
I look younger than I am
I have wisdom and I am fun
I am special
I am the one
But it’s a waste of time
Speaking with bots
Fakes and no hopers
Worn out elopers
On line

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