The Frog Prince

She grew up as a princess
Spoiled through and through
Graced by good looks and a photogenic face
That took her far and wide
Never needing to stand up for herself
As rich men took her under wing
Italy, Monte Carlo, and guilded palaces held her tall
Moet and Cavier, Ferraris and five star
Haute couture and the disco
Paid the money that she saved
The rich guys paid for her lifestyle
And now it fades away like all things do
The looks, the body, slowly fade
She now has a home in Tuscany
Where for now, she can relive
The ghosts of her life
But she is really alone
And always will be
For her heart does not know love
Every time she found it
She had reason to turn away
And as she approaches end of day
I wish for her another way
Because whatever she does say
We all need to be loved
We all need to be loved
But it seems that being the object
Of all that male attention
By being able to use her looks
She truly lost her way
I loved her once it’s true
It was fleeting like good looks
But both true and bold
She was my Princess
The looker on my arm
But in the end
I discovered
Her fear of being loved
She said I was her frog
She hoped would one day
become a Prince
But I was the Prince she sought
all along

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