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Here are a few recent reviews….

This book is really scary and at times funny. It has a sweeping history and geography lesson of Japan that weaves nicely with the stories, and makes it even more interesting and frightful; that is, to think it all really exists. The author Thomas Bauerle, apparently a transplant from the United States, but living in Japan for a number of years, brings an unusual perspective to the well worn Ghost genres, that most Americans will appreciate even more. Because it’s in another country, that strangeness adds to the overall effect. This would be a good book to accompany a College Course in Japanese Literature and/or Film. Highly recommended, especially on Kindle.

When it comes to ghosts, poltergeists, wandering spirits and the like, most people are sitting on the skeptical fence. Mr. Bauerle’s book, written from the point of view of people who have experienced supernatural beings, is alive with tales of the dead. The author’s personal experience should be enough, but he has done exhaustive research into ghost stories told by his acquaintances and students. As far as a scientific explanation of these creepy events, his take is that science is a worthy endeavor but there is a lot that is just plain inexplicable. Some of the ghosts seem to be harmless, but the malevolent hands that drowned 36 schoolgirls in Ise Bay, as recounted in “The Tragedy at Tsu City,” will surely send chills up the reader’s spine. After reading “Kanashibari,” I think even the most dedicated nonbeliever will just have to jump off the skeptical fence and look over his/her shoulder from time to time.

Great read. A fascinating look into the super natural and paranormal as told through the experiences of people who encountered these ghosts and spirits first hand. Also, a very good description of the history and cultural beliefs in Japan regarding the paranormal. I highly recommended it for anyone interested in Japan.

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