Many, many years ago as I sat in my student residence accommodation, I came across a sequence of picked chords that I really liked. For several months I had no idea what to do with them and then it clicked. I wrote a song that sounded like a heavy rock song. The lyrics were written in a jiffy and the song ‘Changes’ made its debut at a couple of ‘gigs. That was that.

Of course, Changes was one of the first songs I tried to record for The Early Years. To be honest, it was a real challenge and I don’t think I did it real justice. Consequently, it is my least favorite song on the CD. Perhaps, one day, I will have another go because it really has potential. It needs a bit more differentiation between the quiet and loud sections and it needs a bloody brilliant guitar player to rip out a fantastic lead break – that isn’t me but perhaps my son Paul….

Anyway, here is Changes. What do you think?

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