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This track started life (!) as a very melodic riff that I had been playing with for years. I overlaid a picked guitar sound and a slow bass line to get the sound I wanted. I asked my daughter Deni to add her voice to the backing vocals which is her and I going ‘oooo’. She had fun doing that and her voice adds sweetness to the song in my opinion. As usual, the last thing was to record the vocals and write the lyrics. Also as usual, the lyrics simply fell out as I listened to the track…

Don’t despair
Don’t give up
It’s all we have
And this is our life

Life is passing me by
But it’s too soon to say goodbye
So much to do yet
So little time
I’m working harder
To succeed

Life is hard
Life is tough
Life is strange
But I can’t get enough

I triple tracked the vocals – twice normal singing and once an octave lower. I then added some harmonies which I rather like actually.

The finished result is very melancholic… take a listen.

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