There Is A Reality Creation Battle Going On

We live in a co-created reality and as a result, what you think and what emotion and imagination you put behind that thought, creates your reality and co-creates the reality we live in. I’m not going to defend that statement here as I have discussed it at length in many other blog posts and books. What is important is that there is a big battle going on and it is messing with your head trying to get you to cooperate and form a particular reality. As a result of the internet and social media, it is a huge battle because it is easier to influence now than ever before. We used to live in a controlled world. We consumed our information from a few sources and those sources were controlled. It may have been the BBC, ITV and The Times, for example for someone living in the UK. When the powers that be essentially controlled a rather stable reality.

Suddenly, it is the Wild West. People can access information from multiple sources – hundreds of thousands if not millions of sources. Everybody’s opinion can be promoted and consumed on social media. As a result, we have a more chaotic world as people are perhaps not thinking for themselves but they are choosing what to consume in terms of information. We have conspiracy, nationalism, and much more and all these bits of information are getting emotional and imaginative power from all of us that choose to consume them and react to them. There is no single source of truth – there are just positions and opinions and more importantly .. agendas.

I could talk at length about this but I won’t. Not today anyway. I will just say that the Russians and the Chinese know this. They are doing a wonderful job of hacking our reality in the west. They are getting you to react and consume and imagine. In this way, you are co-creating their desired reality. The powers in the West are probably doing the same to a limited degree but I get the feeling that they got caught out by the new information landscape. The west is entirely dependent on technology. Our enemies know this and if they were ever to attack us overtly, that technological infrastructure would be their first target for destruction (they are already practicing by the way – google someone is practicing taking down the internet). Meanwhile, hackers and just ordinary people paid to post comments are flooding our information landscape with nonsense – misinformation. Just go look at any story on CNN or some other mainstream site and check out the comments to see this. They are working very effectively to change our reality through creating fear, distrust of institutions and much much more. They seem to be winning. We are co-creating a new reality that is more alined to their objectives and less aligned to the powers that be in the west.

Now, I don’t know whose reality is best. I’m not sure it matters. It is the flux and the resulting chaos that I dislike.

Think about what information you consume and how it affects you emotionally and imaginatively…….

Magic is being used to hijack reality and this time, it isn’t Zeltan in my novella The Last Observer.

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