Three Things That Sell Books – And It Isn’t Content

Nope. Content doesn’t much matter it seems. If you want to sell books here are the three most important things by a mile…

1. Cover.

The cover is what will make your book stand out from the crowd. A good book cover is worth its weight in gold.

2. Title.

Yep – title is important so think it through, experiment with it and include lots of juicy key words.

3. Description.

How you set up the book is important too – write a compelling description and fill it full of keywords as well. Consider using a list of contents and/or endorsements.

So what does this mean? It means people buy books based on cover, title and description…

Once they have purchased the book, content is more important but to get them to click and purchase….. its all about the sizzle and not about the bacon.

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