Amazing Coincidence

This last weekend, we went to a fairly remote location north of Prague for some hiking and sight seeing. On the Sunday, we were trying to decide where to stop for lunch. Initially, we stopped at a pub that looked quite nice but we were put off by the interior and so we set off again. A few minutes later, we saw another place that looked OK so we pulled in. Parking was a bit of an issue as the place seemed quite popular.

2016-03-27 13.04.23We had our lunch and then we walked around and up the hill a little, taking in the pretty hillside cottages and the view. Then, we walked around the back of the pub/restaurant, got in the car and, after a quick chat and change of plan, we started to drive away in one of four different directions possible.

We had got no further than 50m when we saw my partner’s mother and her friend walking along the side of the road towards us. Of course, we stopped and marveled at how it could be that such a meeting could take place. Her Mother was supposed to be in Prague as well.

When you step back and think about all of the perambulations and triangulations that had to take place for this accidental meeting to occur it is mind boggling. We may have stopped at the other pub, we may not have stopped there at all and therefore left lunch early, missing the opportunity. We might not have gone for a stroll up the hill and missed them. They might have parked somewhere else and we would have missed them.

The more you think of it the more bizarre and wonderous it becomes….

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