Don’t Feed Their Greed

There is an election coming up in the UK soon and I won’t be voting. I am entitled to but I won’t – it just encourages them you see.

Seriously. Politicians these days are career Politicians by and large. They have been learning to lie since college many of them with an eye on a lucrative career in politics. They are not in it to help you or me. Just themselves. A politician is close to where money and power lies. One goes with the other. It doesn’t matter if its fiddling expenses, taking back handers for politic favors or just enjoying a privileged lifestyle – they are ALL at it. Everywhere. The system is truly broken because of it. A politician has his hand in the till at its source. Thats how they all seem to retire wealthy. They cheat, lie and steal and they do this saying they are doing it for us or for some ideal. No. They have an ideal alright and it is simply about themselves – their ego, their wallet. So, no, I won’t vote – not for one of those fat cats. Don’t tell me I deserve what I get because its you the voter who gets what he deserves – lies, lies and more lies.

Living in the Czech Republic, you see it even more clearly. People once excited to register their will in an election couldn’t care less because the system changed from one in which you had no say to one in which people pretend that you do. Democracy is a sham full of false and broken promises and the promiscuous cheating of politicians. In the USA, the sham is delivered with Theater but only millionaires run for national office and these days it seems just members of two families. What is the difference between America’s false democracy and Chinese Communism? None except an illusion of freedom and liberty. Here in the Czech Republic a billionaire created a party, bought most of the media and his party came second in the election. He is finance Minister with his eyes on PM. He campaigned on an anti-corruption ticket. I guess people believed him and since he is already so rich, why would he cheat? Well, because the richer people get the richer they want to be. Furthermore, he is suspected of making his billions as an ex-secret police informer and party hack under communism. In short – he is the very essence of corrupt running and lying about corruption.

I won’t vote for people like this. Neither should you. If no one voted at all what would happen? Chaos because the farce would be over. These cheating liars would have no mandate and no basis on which to continue playing games. Instead, lets just use a computer to elect a fair and representative sample of people with REAL experience in all walks of life.

Why wouldn’t that work?


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