Do You Believe in Magic?

An angel instructs a 14th Century magician to wife swap?

A man that lives forever having discovered the secret of immortality?

A man who can project fire from his belly and water to put out the fire?

A 14-year old who already had three degrees and spoke five languages in the 15th Century?

An English artist who painted spirits with his eyes closed?

An alchemist who wrote the laws of physics?

A man who paralysed his Nazi guards with a spoken word?

A man who could levitate and fortell the future?

All of the above are historical people. They were Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians. They practiced alchemy and natural Magic. One was an ordinaed member of the church as well. They discovered the secret knowledge and sometimes, they wrote about it at their great peril.

13 historical men.

The last in the present day.

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