The Big Spring Clean Out

I am trying to do too much I have decided. I have too many blogs and most of them are sat idle as I have no time to feed them so it’s time to wield my Geburic side and take an exe to blogland!

In the next week or so, this blog and website will have its independence again. Although I like the community aspect of I hate the limits placed. I want to add widgets and functionality that will not let me do so… UDI declared. will be migrated back off to its own server and a copy will be left at so I have the best of both worlds….

Meanwhile, Asteroth’s Domain has always been my more magical site but to be honest, I write about magic here so openly I hardly see the need for a different site anymore. So, I am wielding the axe. Asteroth’s Domain will be assimilated by this site and be no more…… all the articles will be brought over and preserved by Asteroth’s Domain as a stand alone site will be gone. RIP. Asteroth’s Domain 2005-2015.

Another site I have is Discover the Czech republic. It was a nice idea but I can’t keep it up so it too will be gone. The current articles already moved to my ExPat website for Brno. It will have a major facelift and a new Brno ExPats is in the offing soon too.

The last site is The Mystical Hexagram and this when I find the time will be turned into a minimal website to promote our book. Any/all blog articles will be transferred here.

Ah, I like spring cleaning. It feels good to go Geburic from time to time doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, less time writing blogs, more time writing books….

I have several exciting projects planned and just last night, I got started on one that I think will be a lot of fun to complete.

Meanwhile – take a peek at my current collection.


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