Subconscious Creation?

Around 95% of our brain activity is said to be the unconscious mind. That means I am only 5% conscious.

If this is true, and I have no doubt that it is, what does it actually mean? The subconscious mind is like a tape recorder where I can set up a bunch of activities and then run it over and over again. It’s a sort of set of automated routines running in background that maintain bodily functions and habits. It is also often our adversary.

Through my mind, I create my reality. But if 95% of my thoughts are subconscious and I am unaware of them or they are accidentally or purposely programmed responses like fear and flight, my reality will be chaotic and might even be a total nightmare. One thing I have done very well is to build up responses, roles and actors all managed by my subconscious mind. These all play out without much interaction from me.

I have written before that we often react to people based on ourselves. The things we hate about ourselves are reflected back at us and we don’t like what we see. We dislike people because they deep down remind us of the qualities we do not like within ourselves. We blame everyone and everything for our problems as a subconscious avoidance mechanism. What is it we are avoiding? Ourselves.

I also often say we have to accept responsibility for ourselves. To some, this is a cold-hearted politically-motivated statement but actually, it is the truth people seek. If WE create our own reality through our thoughts and deeds and if we project our subconscious desires and worries onto the world around us then WE are responsible. No one else but us. We have to take personal responsibility for our lives and our selves. This is not political – it is a fact of reality. Perhaps I could restate it differently by saying that we need to become more conscious of who we are, why we are and work to improve and take more control as the real people we are inside. That is accepting personal responsibility. As opposed to being political it is a spiritual act.

This is where meditation and working to know oneself come in. It’s not good enough though to scrape the surface. We must face our demons or else we project them out to the external world and into the reality that we create. We must forgive ourselves for being human before we can forgive those around us as well. We must resolve the duality or polarity inside of us in order to dissolve its effects in our reality.

I’m going to recommend a book that I think can help some people with this. It is one of my bookshexagramfrontcvr and I¬†believe it is the only book you ever need read. It is called The Mystical Hexagram and I co-wrote it with Sue Vincent. This symbol, is a powerful key to unlocking the inner self. It is all you need. I am not being egotistic or facetious when I say this because it has nothing to do with me that this symbol contains within it everything you need to create a better reality.It is one way to the answers you might seek and for some, it might be exactly what they were looking for.

Let’s create a better today together!


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