God Visited My Blog Last Night

I had a visitor to my website over night. According to his email address his name was God.God at yahoo.com to be precise.

However, based on the content of the message left to greet me this morning, God had very little to do with it. I had thought about reproducing the content of his email here but I won’t. The person who wrote it belongs to that small group of people who feel that God has given them permission to hate and take retribution. Just like the people who are ISIS, beheading and killing for God, this, I suppose ‘christian’, believes he represents God and God’s will and uniquely has the power to identify his adversary.

I feel sorry for these people. God is love and love knows no bounds. The kingdom of heaven is inside of us as each of us is a small part of the One. This is why we should love one another as we love God. We must also recognize that God is everything and is therefore both God and Goddess. God is also good and evil for not to understand that God is both sides of a two-edged sword is to acknowledge that there must be a duality of Gods. There is not. There is simply One.

The email I received was pure evil hatred and abuse – of me, my writing, my very being, along with the Jews, thrown in for good measure I guess. It is a tired and familiar firebrand, fundamentalist, bucket of bile and hatred. Nothing I nor most people would associate with God or love at all. I feel sorry for its author and I wish him well and hope he finds the love he is crying out for in his current condition of reddened mist of anger, hate and racism.

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