What are You Going to do for Lint?

You are thinking “Ha, Vasey has a typo in his blog post title” right about now aren’t you? Well, actually I don’t. I just unloaded our dryer and scraped out the hunk of lint from the filter to place in the trash. It set me thinking and so I did a little research and I was right. We have a lint problem. You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media nor on the BBC because unlike ‘global warming’ it doesn’t have the potential for money making, global taxation and one-world government. But I will make a prediction. Mark my words as you read it here first.

Here we go…

In 20-years from now global temperatures will be pretty much where they are today and CO2 levels will have well surpassed all those nonsensical targets meanwhile our oceans and life in them and out of them will be dying from plastic poisoning.

Yes, all that fibre (2000 strands from one wash of one pullover apparently) goes out of your washing machine, down the sewer and into the ocean where it accumulates as it is not biodegradable. It enters to food supply of the bottom dwellers who fill their stomachs with the stuff and, well the rest is about food chain isn’t it. And all of this could be stopped by legislating manufacturers to put proper filters on the washing machine drains. Easy. The frightening thing is that there is little or any money for proper research into this but the study done back in 2011 should have been enough to sound the alarm bells.


Meanwhile, we are told that CO2 is a pollutant and vast sums are being spent on the impractical trying to stop CO2 from entering the atmosphere. The geological record shows us that actually, the world’s atmosphere has always held significantly more CO2 than it does today, that temperature and climate change continually due a number of known factors and that the relationship between temperature and CO2 is the inverse of what we are told to believe. I.e. CO2 follows temperature. Perhaps more importantly, CO2 is the gas that plants and trees use to photosynthesize producing Oxygen in the process and at 280ppm of CO2 they suffocate (we are currently at around 400ppm). By the way, saying 400ppm is a way to make a minute number look much bigger to you – it is actually 0.00004% – miniscule compared to the 18% it once was in the Earth’s geological past!

So, let’s get this straight, while ‘scientists’ and politicians like Al Gore have their heads stuck deep in the pig trough of money that is the global warming fallacy, for the lack of a filter, we may poison ourselves and the biosphere out of existence!

Sounds about par for the course doesn’t it.

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