Ghost Stories

This week will see the launch of my new effort and probably the last book for 2014 – My Haunted Life Too. We will do a cover reveal this week as well so stay tuned. It’s a ferocious cover! My Haunted Life Too is a new set of short stories of the strange and the paranormal but this time, the stories are about people around me as opposed to things I have experienced directly. Those who have read it say its better than the first as well – scarier. It will be out on Kindle later this week. Of course, all good things come in threes so there will certainly be a third to follow in early 2015. I can probably recast all three as one paperback book too in the end.

I am now interested in ghost and strange stories again as a result of writing these two short books. I am also intrigued by the short story format especially when supplemented by material on this blog. So, no doubt, there will be a few books from me next year along – hopefully – with The Lord of the Elements – the prequel to The Last Observer.

Meanwhile, My Haunted Life is still available at 99 cents on Kindle but only for a couple more days…..

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