Magic, Nirvana and Reality

I often think that the world looks like you expect it to.

If you believe the world a cruel place filled with hate then that is what it is and if conversely you see a paradise filled with beautiful people then that is what you get. The problem is that most of us run around thinking things more or less spontaneously. One minute the world is a cruel place full of hate and the next it can be a paradise filled with beautiful people. In other words, we continually run around in confusion sending mixed signals and, as a result, the reality that we create is, as we say in Yorkshire, ‘neither nowt nor summit’. We fail to to create with any consistency.

Magical training involves a lot of self examination and introspection, as well as a lot of thought discipline and control. It also aims to build and enhance the imagination. In essence, right there you have the keys to creating your reality. We must be consistent and willful in setting up what is it is that we want to create, we must remain disciplined and focused on that objective unwavering in its pursuit. We must also have the clarity of mind to stay focused and a powerful imagination to actually see and feel it around us. Finally, we must know ourselves and be in tune with our Higher Self in order to align what we think we want with what we actually need. If we can do all of this and do it willfully, purposely and yes, in love, I believe that we can and do create reality by magic (I am also pretty sure that one day, science will come to the same conclusions).

Before you discount me as a dreamer I want you to think about a few things that tend to suggest this really is how it works. First, psychological techniques proven to have an impact and used by sports people and others, use the concept of visualizing a result along with the bodily training to achieve that result. Athletes already use a form of this magic to achieve. I do think as well that people who are miraculously healed use magic to achieve their healing. They become so focused and so willful about their illness while constantly imagining being free of it that , in some instances, they achieve their objective.

When I read the new testament I am always also taken with how awake Jesus of the scriptures is. He is aware. Aware of himself, his thoughts, his mind and in tune with his Higher Self. His faith (will) and imaginative faculties are beyond, significantly beyond, that of those around him and he does create miracles – magic – through his mindfulness, his love and his will. This is something I have always believed and a reason why I do think that Jesus has a lot to teach budding magicians.

Every book that I have ever read about positive thinking and creating success. Hell, even that horrid little book called The Secret, they all teach aspects of this approach. Imagination, acting out, will, mindfulness, assuming it will happen, being grateful and thankful for it and so on. They use the same techniques, they use magic. Where they fall short in my opinion is that they forget to emphasize the knowing yourself part and, trust me, this is their weakness.


I also happen to think that aspects of quantum physics seem to be pointing in a similar direction. We create our own reality and if we just knew how to do it properly and if we could do it without ego, in love, that reality would be heaven on Earth. It would be Nirvana. But it would be our Nirvana as I also believe that each of us have the potential to create something slightly different – unique. It is this that divides us and separates us and yet it enriches us. It affords us an ability to co-create endlessly parallel worlds of Nirvanas.

6 thoughts on “Magic, Nirvana and Reality

  1. It’s a question of living in raw reality or a comfortable illusion, because this world is messed. Imagine, having to breathe in toxic chemtrails now, being sprayed above our heads in practically every country on the planet by mad people in the name of addressing global warming.

    • Thanks for the comment. If you want to see a messed up world with chemtrails – all power to you – but there is no such thing as chemtrails. Conspiracy theories like that don’t bear scientific scrutiny.

      • That’s what I meant…when I and thousands of others look up in the sky and see planes going from one end to the other, diffusing all that horrible artificial trail, is that conspiracy?…no, that’s reality. All the best.

  2. “It’s a question of living in raw reality or a comfortable illusion”.
    It is indeed.
    Problem is – “raw reality”, more often than not, turns out to be the “comfortable illusion”.

  3. We do create our own reality. And maybe it’s due to my puny human mind but I feel this, see this, know this everyday in everything from the most profound to the simplest “nothing”. I think it’s easy to get hung up on words or labels and fail to grasp the intrinsic meaning of this concept. There is much at play here. Excellent post.

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