A Growing Collection

I have written ‘poetry’ since I was an angst ridden teen. Much of what was reasonable out of all of that material was published back in 2006 as Weird Tales. I recall reading sheet after sheet of yellowed foolscap paper with my scrawl and doodles all over them. Occasionally, I had typed out the poem using a typewriter I had been bought for a birthday or Xmas (anyone remember typewriters?). Many of the poems were well embarrassingly bad but they did bring memories flooding back of 1972 – 1981.

Having published that collection it seemed reasonable that I would keep publishing new poetry. Four more poetry books have followed (Poems for the Little Room, Astral Messages, Moon Whispers and Best Laid Plans) and I do think my poetry has gotten better as the years have gone by. Certainly, the subject matter has changed from teen impressions of a different world in the 70’s to much deeper and brooding material about reality, life and everything. I also tried different formats to make it all the more interesting. In Poems for the Little Room, I interspersed poetry with photographs taken by my better half and in Astral Messages I paired poems with blog articles from Asteroth’s Domain. For the last two, I stuck to verse.


I still feel the need to write poetry – to play with words and use sounds to create effects that resonate with whatever is going on in my heart, mind and soul at the time. It does me good to throw it up and out onto the page. It is almost as if I am exteriorizing issues and flaws within me. Whether that makes for readable content is for you to be the judge but its ceratinly a tonic for me.

Give one of the books a try – they are all available on Kindle as well as in paperback form from Amazon or me….

They are –

Weird Tales – Otherworld Poetry – 2006
Poems for the Little Room – republished 2013
Astral Messages – 2013
Moon whispers – 2014
Best Laid Plans – 2014

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