Free Stuff and Give Aways

I always thought people liked free stuff? So, occasionally, I make things FREE for those that care to take a few seconds to download them.

For just another 2-days, my latest collection of poetry – Best Laid Plans and Other Strange Tails – is free on Kindle. after that, it will cost you money so why not grab a copy while you can?

4188OKuU1gL._SL250_A fifth collection of poetry and rhyme by G. Michael Vasey musing about the magic of life. From the mystery of The Story through to magic of the Hexagram and the number 6, Vasey twists words and phrases to paint deliciously vivid images of how he sees life and everything.

“Poetry is not an easy thing to write. And yet it is… anyone can do it… but not everyone can get it right; largely because there are no rules.
It used to be about rigid form, rhyme and rhythm, now the rhymes are implied and the rhythm is the sing-song voice of the storyteller or the staccato tones of everyday life, questioning the events of a harsh reality as words flow directly from mind to pen, or from heart to keyboard.
In this collection of poems Gary Vasey once more opens a door into heart and mind for the reader, asking questions about our society that touch us all; war, debt, pain and ego are all examined with brief, precise strokes, demanding an answering response.
Yet, man is a multi-layered creature and this too is reflected in this volume. Memories of young love and of long Sunday afternoons reflect a journey through the outer world, yet, in my opinion, it is, aptly, where the writer speaks of the inner journey that he finds the deepest voice.
The Mysteries are shadowed forth as they play upon his consciousness, and poems such as ABC have a different tone and raise different questions that leave you pondering abstracts. Along with his other books of poetry it is perhaps here that you get a true glimpse into the author as he opens a window to the soul and lets you in.” Sue Vincent – Author of Sword of Destiny and many other books.

Download it here.

Of course, it is really a paperback and the cover features an image from a house down our street that may be the Green Man or Pan – anyway, its a cool image. The paperback you will need to pay for unless of course you are lucky. If you want to test your luck then I am giving away two copies on Goodreads and I suggest you pop over and enter while you can here.

While I am at it, I can also offer you a new discounted Kindle price on my sensational and chilling novel – The Last Observer. Go check out that price here.

That’s enough free and reduced stuff for today…. I am exhausted already!


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